“The ancient fairy way” fantasy text: the road to contend, arrogant, the ancient fairy way as free and unfetchable!

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Le Xuan to push the book!Recently many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect + attention, not afraid of book shortage again!Today xiaobian recommend to you: “the ancient fairy road” fantasy text: the road to contend, arrogant, the ancient fairy road as free and unfetchable!The first “the ancient fairy way” author: a meal three bowls of white rice introduction: qing quan head worship clouds, the ancient fairy way and free and unfetteredness.Don’t ask where tomorrow goes, the road from the heart to see today!Pit index: ★★★★”Impudence!It happened so quickly that the rest of the Water tribe didn’t even notice.”Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”Mo left looking at the teenager fell in front of his eyes, immediately open to laugh, but his body mouth is already full of blood, looks very horrible.”Bastard, dare to hurt me from the water tribe, boy you are dead!”Water feather foot a flash to run to the young side, he slowly help up, looking at the black young, water feather finger on the young nose to test a snort.”Uncle, Shuiqing is dead. He died of poisoning!””Ha ha, it seems that the poison of the small ye is quite severe, even the repairman can hardly resist the three breath!”Hearing the words of water plume, mo left regardless of their own pain, open to laugh.”Little beast, I will kill you and bury you with your son!”The middle-aged man at this time can no longer help, if this matter back to the tribe when he was leading the team, the clansman was killed by a white ding, I’m afraid the face is lost.”Whoosh!”An orange light rose from the middle-aged man’s body and turned into several ice spines flying straight towards Mo.”A spiritual practitioner!”Mo li looked at the orange light on the middle-aged man, with a wry smile in his heart.He is now so badly wounded that he can barely move, let alone dodge an attack from a spiritual practitioner.”Are you going to die?Looking at the ice thorn closer and closer, mo from the heart some sad, did not think that he is going to die, it is too to pass through the loss of face, but dead, maybe the next life will return to the earth.”Boy mo panic, see you tripod big ye!”In the mo from the time to give up, his head suddenly out of a golden light, a tripod shape of virtual shadow emerged, suddenly golden work, directly into a barrier appeared in the mo from the body.”Boom boom boom…”Countless ice spikes hit the golden barrier and fall to the ground, turning into ice flakes.(Click on the card to read for free) The second book of “Choose a Day” author: A brief introduction of the cat: sometimes life must have, life must be forced at any time.It’s a story of growing fruit.Chen Changsheng set foot on the path of spiritual cultivation without any of the difficulties common in stories.If let others know, will be puzzled, but he himself did not feel what, especially after confirming the master asked him to recite the meaning of the three thousand Taoist Tibet.Of course, this is something to be happy about after all…Can concentrate hard enough, can star to star, can bring the stars pulp washing, can wash pulp can sit according to the view, able to sit according to the view, would mind leading to a secluded spot, tomorrow accident, leading to a secluded spot, then to gather in the body, or do not abuse, to gather star can from st, wind wanli, finally can be hidden in between heaven and earth, god is not in the life within a wheel,Or would there be no need to change fate then?Yes, for Chen Changsheng, the purpose of practice is always clear and there is never any deviation.Or on the way of practice, you can pursue some other things, such as seeing some scenery that ordinary people can’t see, experiencing some feelings that ordinary people can’t feel, you can repay those humiliations to those people, but these are not important, what is important is the final goal.Even Chen Changsheng himself knows that he thinks too much about it, and it is easy to be laughed at when he tells it. Fortunately, he never tells anyone about it.Compared with his peers, Chen Changsheng is quiet and calm, so when he was in Xining town, people often thought he was three or four years older than his real age.He was very clear that the most important reason why he was able to concentrate on success day and night was that master had laid a good foundation and prepared for him since childhood, but this definitely did not mean that he was more than a real genius like Xu Yurong.(Click on the card can be read for free) the third “big flame undesirable person” author: Ghost Association introduction: once was the genius boy Xu Yifan died in the extreme night, but accidentally came to a new world, he was only to survive at first, however, the tree desire calm and wind, in the historical flood and can be alone?Into the pit index: ★★★★★ wonderful content: chaotic time, life I do not know how many flowers to miss;Strangers on the world of mortals, I do not know how many passers-by, in a hurry life, we always miss and get between reincarnation.Although, miss life at the beginning of the meeting of flowers and purples, however, the story is always sad wind autumn painting fan ending.In the past ten years, many things have happened in this continent. However, for Xu Yifan, two things have had the biggest impact.Sun blind man in the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, left anmin town, when coming back, brought back a no word tianshu, was seriously injured, almost a little about to go to yan Dian with black and white impermanence push pai Nine to go.The second thing was the departure of Mure.Yes, in the afternoon of heavy snow, Muer to find Xu Yifan, want to let Xu Yifan take her away from here, Xu Yifan agreed, but not immediately leave, because he also need to take care of the unconscious sun blind, and then, Muer walked, she should be very disappointed, or is desperate.Muer left, from Anmin town, from the Yan Dynasty, and from Xu Yifan. She was forced to leave, taken away by people claiming to be from the holy Land.That afternoon, Xu Yifan between Muer and Sun Xiazi, he chose the latter, fortunately, Sun Xiazi in the dying coma for more than half a month, finally woke up, he survived, but very weak, it seems that the next second will die, but he still survived;Unfortunately, Mull is gone, probably for the rest of her life.Since Xu Yifan came to this world, a total of three people remember, sun blind, chin has a beauty mole of the woman plume ink, still have is Mu er.In the last life, let’s just say, Xu Yifan is not in death, is on the way to death, finally, his successful death completed;In this life, he thought that he would no longer die and live a good life. He had no interest in making a name for himself, sitting in the temple, leading soldiers and conquering the territory, or pursuing immortality. He even had no interest in becoming a rich man.Xu Yifan think, his life is very good now, every day to accompany the sun blind sun, chat with the people in the town, chatter, by the way those foreign guests, earn some money, so muddleheaded a lifetime also not taste.(Click the card to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?At the end of the article below the comment area, small make up can see oh, pay attention to small make up don’t get lost yo, look forward to your message ~ “the city of the reborn wife” ancient words: children return to nine years old, ordinary sister for marriage, aunt plan!”Bloodthirsty after” ancient words text: trample poison elder sister, dou cheat Dally the man of female affection, accidentally loved evildoer beautiful male!Seven years of love, boyfriend and bestie cheating, he has become a mistress!