The 2022 Annual Spring Party of Huatai Vocational School was held

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Taurus resents the old year, ruihu makes the New Year.The Lunar New Year has just passed, Hengyang Huatai Vocational School New Year’s Party opened on February 16, 2022, at 9:00 a.m., so large performing arts hall decorated with lights, full of joy, after more than a month, huatai faculty and staff gathered again, kicked off the prelude to 2022 education and teaching work.At the meeting, everyone exchanged New Year’s greetings, smiling and full of pride, striving to bring Huatai Vocational Education to a new level in 2022.Huatai vocational school director Mr Li Chaoliang send New Year greetings, he expressed fully recognized for all the work in 2021, especially for the freshmen of child care during winter vacation in praise, this group of children absolutely finished online homework, complete with the teacher in charge to maintain good communication, this is one of the highlights, huatai new hope all students with their par, in the future,The school will adopt the WAY of PK, and strive to create a good atmosphere of “everyone competing first, everyone competing for excellence”.Perform the headmaster, Mr Luo Baoyuan summed up the 2021 annual work in highly affirmed the school security, education teaching, publicize achievements, especially the whole year without a significant safety accident happens, in our school education teaching work orderly, and won first prize at the national level 1 paper, published a paper in national core periodical,One of them was awarded the title of excellent education, teaching and research worker in secondary vocational school.These achievements can not be achieved without the joint efforts of all the staff, can not be separated from the posts, departments of the mutual cooperation between colleagues, silent dedication.In the New Year, let us actively obey the arrangements of the council and make joint efforts to create a “centennial vocational school”!Mass on the teams preparation shows wonderful appearance, the head teacher team “SanGouBan”, “spun” of teachers’ team, service management team of “love each other family, has won the leadership and colleagues standing ovation, burst of applause, the mass also announced new appointments, Mr Wen-jun liao, deputy principal and student affairs office section chief.Mr. Hu Qinglin serves as vice President and Director of admission Office, Ms. Cao Guie serves as chief of Finance Section, Mr. Yuan Hengshan serves as vice President of Legal Affairs (concurrently), and Ms. Li Lifan serves as part-time Vice President.Xiao Meng, General Office