Shaoyang County transportation law enforcement authorities ordered a township bus service suspension for seven days

2022-05-30 0 By

The network on February 7 (correspondent Tang Wei) Shaoyang County transport law enforcement officers in the town of Tangdukou town car east station and west station inspection township passenger bus passenger nucleic acid testing, wearing masks and passenger information registration.Survey by the department of law enforcement, the county east bus station has a license plate number for hunan to nine male E937XX pond ferry bridge line, passenger train in the operation of the driver and three passengers were not in accordance with regulations of the epidemic prevention and control to wear masks and eventually give verbal criticism education, the driver and issued shall be ordered to make correction notice, asked the driver shut down the seven days for rectification.The lunar New Year holiday in all walks of life have to return to work and production, students back to school, the return of migrant workers, traffic flow, traffic has increased dramatically, in the face of the epidemic situation of high-pressure and complex freezing rain and snow weather, shaoyang county transportation law enforcement officers always stick to positions, in order to protect the smooth, security and epidemic prevention, every day to the shaoyang county of passenger train and the bus station to carry out the epidemic prevention and control on duty patrol work,We will focus on the disinfection of daily transport buses and the registration of passengers wearing masks, health codes, travel codes and personal information, and urge passenger transport enterprises to organize their employees to do a good job in nucleic acid testing.