People’s Daily: Changes in customs reflect cultural innovation

2022-05-30 0 By

With the development of The Times, new customs have more novel forms of expression.In this issue, we will select three contributions to review the innovative customs and rich flavor of the Year of the Tiger, and help the creative transformation and innovative development of Excellent Traditional Chinese culture.In Shanghai, nearly 500 cultural activities in the Spring Festival, such as lantern appreciation and light and shadow art exhibition of ancient towns, let citizens and tourists experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage;In Beijing, cultural and creative products with the theme of New Year’s Eve dinner have attracted wide attention.In Luoyang, Henan Province, activities such as garden Tours in the clouds, paper-cutting classes, and the explanation of traditional Chinese customs continue to be held online.A variety of innovative custom activities set off a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, the inheritance of the taste of the New Year.The Spring Festival, the year of the Tiger, the traditional year customs have a richer expression.In the past, the New Year’s Eve dinner needs a family to prepare early, now, a lot of food and beverage organizations roll out the New Year’s Eve dinner set package, prefabricated vegetables, let consumers avoid the trouble of fried cooking, free to enjoy the great food of the north and south.In the past, New Year’s greetings used to go from door to door. Now, greetings can also be sent by recording New Year’s greetings videos and making holiday stickers.By participating in innovative forms of custom activities, people enhance contact with relatives and friends, cohesion of common feelings.This year, the whole family gathered to watch the Winter Olympics has become a new choice for many families.In the future, we will continue to innovate the New Year customs activities, provide a variety of “options” to celebrate the festival, and constantly meet people’s new needs, so that the Flavor of the New Year will become stronger and stronger.During Spring Festival, a festival-looking “door lock kiosk” appeared in qiaoxi historic District along the Grand Canal in Hangzhou. Passers-by could record a message to send to family or friends.It can not only give friends and relatives a warm surprise, but also give people who can not go home for the New Year’s ceremony sense.From the past through the streets to each other a blessing, to now thousands of miles apart “fancy” expression of missing, science and technology let New Year’s greetings break through the limitations of time and space.Some people worry that technology, while bringing convenience, will dilute the flavor of the New Year?In fact, science and technology not only opens up new communication channels, endows traditional customs with richer expression carriers, but also provides opportunities for the further inheritance and continuation of traditional culture.For example, some scenic spots in Hainan use virtual reality technology to customize different styles of festival clothes for tourists and make “ancient style” New Year greeting videos.In the immersion experience, traditional culture has been inherited and carried forward, and tourists have a brand new Experience of Chinese New Year.With the arrival of THE 5G era and the change in people’s concept of traditional festivals, there will surely be more novel and creative “opening ways” in future folklore to make our traditional festivals more interesting.The people’s livelihood measures set off the warmth of the Spring Festival. Wang Dan’s reunion is the biggest expectation of Chinese children during the Spring Festival.This Spring Festival, many people choose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot, but all kinds of heart-warming measures keep the flavor of the New Year alive.For example, Jiangxi province for the whole country in Jiangxi students to send gift packages, 4A level and above scenic spots open to students free of charge, not only let students who can not return to their hometown warm heart, but also let parents in their hometown rest assured.Coincing with the Winter Olympic Games, some scenic spots also launched preferential activities for people staying in Jiangxi during the Spring Festival to play free of charge, helping the “ice and snow fever” in the south.In addition, many cultural activities have been held to celebrate the Spring Festival and honor family traditions.In Liansheng Village, Qingshanhu District, Nanchang city, a family of four generations freeze a happy moment in front of the camera with the sound of the shutter.The village invited members of the provincial photographers Association to take family photos for the whole village, and the number of participants reached 1359 people, “the beautiful freeze in a moment, festive, and the flavor of the New Year”.Various measures to improve people’s livelihood add warmth to the Spring Festival.Issuing consumption vouchers, phased reduction of tickets and related fees and other measures have become the choice of many cities across the country.Party committees and governments at all levels are concerned about the food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and safety of the people during the Spring Festival, from ensuring their food baskets to ensuring their safety and electricity supply.”Temperature” to ensure the livelihood of the people, become the best holiday gift to the masses.