Li Yuehong presided over the county road traffic safety work will be promoted

2022-05-30 0 By

Today yongzhou news (reporter Zhou Shemin He Peng) April 7, Dong ‘an County party Committee standing committee, executive deputy county magistrate Li Yuehong presided over the county road traffic safety work promotion meeting.County emergency management bureau, traffic bureau, traffic police brigade, urban management and other departments to participate.The conference conveyed the study of the city’s road traffic safety work video conference spirit, analysis of the county’s road traffic safety situation, research and discussion of the existing problems at this stage.Li Yuehong requirements, all levels of the county departments to attach great importance to traffic safety work, comprehensive analysis, find traffic safety hidden dangers and serious rectification;To strengthen the linkage of departments, overall planning and arrangement of forces, carry out overloading and over-limit and key vehicles rectification, severely investigate and punish key traffic violations;It is necessary to adhere to the principle of “putting the people first and life first”, do a good job in road traffic safety work from the political position of being highly responsible to the people, and jointly safeguard road traffic safety in the areas under their jurisdiction.