Guangzhou team pay cut!National foot protest: not enough to pay luxury car maintenance fee!Football association: they need motivation!

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Guangzhou team pay cut!National foot protest: not enough to pay luxury car maintenance fee!Football association: they need motivation!Football association salary reduction policy, Guangzhou team a number of first-line players suffering.As you can see from the chart, there are only 3 players on the team who will make 600,000 yuan per year, and the rest of the team will make less than that amount, and the lowest is between 60,000-140,000 yuan.To this, many players have expressed dissatisfaction, even protest, why?Let’s keep talking.As is known to all, guangzhou players spend money freely in daily life. It has been confirmed that Zhang Linpeng has bought a villa worth 34 million yuan in Guangzhou Tianhe Xinghui, gao Lin has bought a villa worth 60 million yuan in Shenzhen, and all his players have bought houses and luxury cars.It is worth mentioning that the price of these luxury cars is not cheap, at least 2 million, which means that the maintenance cost of the annual driving is not small expenditure.In the past, the annual salary was 7 to 8 million yuan, or even 10 million yuan, but now it has shrunk by nearly 20 times. I’m afraid that in the future, if guangzhou players start some sideline business and earn some extra money, they will only have to eat cheap food, and the worst thing is that they can’t afford to pay for the maintenance of luxury cars.But standing in the perspective of ordinary people, even if the annual salary is only 100,000, also willing.Why do you say that?Because the average worker can get 5000 yuan every month, it is not bad.Want to know the manager of a few factories every month also only 10000 yuan or so, the company can give point bonus again possibly at the end of the year, piecemeal add up almost 100000 yuan or so.If guangzhou team players can think of this, perhaps psychological balance a lot.But this is unrealistic, the daily life of the players has been basically set, accustomed to eating delicacies, living in luxury villas, can no longer live the life of ordinary people.Besides, they are not ordinary people, and some of them play for their national team.After retiring, you can’t ask them to work in the factory.Of course, there may be exceptions, live a normal life, is fine.However, such a scenario is hard to imagine, it seems that the salary reduction policy after the introduction of these weekdays to enjoy the accustomed players, I am afraid to think about the early rear.After the start of the new season, we should think of ways to make money, just by the annual salary and match prize money, is negligible.It is worth mentioning that After studying abroad, Wu lei and Li Lei are in good condition and earn a lot. They get an annual salary of 3-4 million euros in European league, equivalent to about 30 million yuan.If after the salary cut, the players really can not make money, might as well learn from the above two, go abroad with strength, prove themselves at the same time, but also earn a lot of money.To sum up, the salary reduction policy may not take into account the actual situation of some players, but for the future of Chinese football, in other words, it is to encourage players to make progress, I wonder whether they have considered the painstaking efforts of the FOOTBALL Association?What do you think about that?