GAI Zhou Yan’s new song “Weiyuan Story” MV online with modern trend rhythm to express the feelings of foreign land

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On February 16, D.M.G artist GAI Zhou Yan released his new song “Wei Yuan Story” and the MV of the movie atmosphere. In the eagerly awaited music of fans, “Wei Yuan Story” lived up to the expectations, and immediately set off a wave of listening and comments on music streaming media and social platforms as soon as it was online, causing countless people to empathic and moved.The prelude to the song and the opening of the MV together create a far-off atmosphere of artistic conception, fresh and fresh sense of silky listening, a sense of The Times, the endless aftertaste of listening for a long time, richness is no less than film music.GAI Zhou Yan’s unique narrative rap and modern rhythm infuse the song with intelligent philosophy refined in life.Song heart, user comments are also very heart, there is a sense of story, very real, there are details, ma Ma suddenly hit, listen to two tears down, want to go back home to drink a bowl of authentic mutton soup……Dialogue parallel to the world of their own modern rhythm to express the feelings of a foreign land song “Weiyuan Story” produced by a dream music, GAI Zhou Yan lyrics, music and singing.Weiyuan is the hometown of singer GAI Zhou Yan, and it is the place bearing her youth and dreams.The song “Weiyuan Story” continues GAI Zhouyan’s unique music style with a sense of story and atmosphere, constructing a parallel time and space where reality and memory intersect.Those who have experienced the vicissitudes of The Times and the vicissitudes of human life, when they look back at their hometown in the face of the passage of time, the change of space and the flow of human feelings, still remember the stubborn attitude of the young people in the “story”, can not forget those simple and dull happiness and sincere and warm friendship, but also feel the profound and profound life experience as they grow up.The song “Weiyuan Story” has realistic poetry rarely seen in current music creation, corresponding to our life, the leisurely melody and the true feeling of the dialect lyrics directly hit the heart, triggering everyone’s deep emotional resonance.”Wei Yuan Story” is a story, but also life, everyone’s “wei Yuan” is different, I hope everyone can find their own “wei Yuan” in GAI’s singing.Fragments of memories connected to the road of growth Listen to the feelings deep inside the heart and moved because of the high musical together feeling, song vying story makes the different state of mind can be found in the songs, and especially to his credit, vying story although this song is given priority to with dialect words, but under the singer GAI comprehensive originality opportunely choreography,So that the public in listening and understanding of the unimpeded.When the song was released, GAI Zhou Yan revealed that “I like to recall, but I also cherish everything I have now more.” Through “The Story of Wei Yuan”, SHE recalled the fleeting time, and expressed her unchanged original intention to miss the past and cherish the present more.”The fragments of memory connected to the growth of the road, the past and the future, far away, far away.”Social platform on net friend heated discussion is similarly touches, “GAI really make me feel is a native Chinese doing rap” “like winter games, is now all over the world to accept Chinese aesthetic, rather than to cater to their aesthetic, this is the national confidence” “so that cover this song, overseas list, you can’t find template” “regrets the creator of magic,Give a good voice to the writer and a good pen to the singer…”Huaxia”, “the sea a laugh” resounded through the winter Olympics vying story continues the tide of GAI comprehensive use music to explore inner, constantly looking for and the possibility of expanding music boundary, also with the aid of new rap expression, aesthetic implication of Chinese traditional culture, let more people enjoy the unique charm of Chinese traditional language art with high quality,This is also the meaning of the current national Renaissance.The two lines on the cover of The song “Weiyuan Story”, “I have no intention to live, I have to fight with my life”, are just like the passionate attitude and declaration of the young people, but also reflects the more dedicated fighting spirit behind the freedom and freedom of the new generation of Chinese youth.Winter Olympic figure skater Jin Boyang once said in an interview that she usually listens to GAI’s music before training. If she doesn’t listen to GAI’s music, she may not practice well.When the songs “China” and “A Laugh from the Sea” are frequently heard throughout the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, GAI Zhouyan has become the new Mandopop musician with the highest fit for the Olympic spirit.Home national conditions, lofty aspirations, already know the universe is big, still flow green, singing “Wei Yuan story” GAI Zhou Yan, as always, gave us a lot of inspiration and moved.