Every single one of the 30 press seats

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The Opening of the Winter Olympics is approaching, the “snow Dragon” at the foot of Haituo Mountain is ready to start.After the opening of the media Center of the National Bobsled Center on February 2, Chinese and foreign media will gather and write first-hand news here.As the news operation manager, Liu Yang and her team will provide services for Chinese and foreign journalists, while the setting up of reporters’ seats in the mixed zone was the biggest challenge they faced before.The mixed zone is an area where the media will conduct mixed interviews with the athletes immediately after the competition. It is inevitable for the staff of broadcasters to grab seats with cameras and reporters to chase the athletes and ask questions.Reporters are separated by one meter, and reporters are separated by two meters from athletes.In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the design plan of the first edition of mixed mining area strictly implemented the prevention and control requirements, and all 415 square meters of space was used, with only 20 seats for journalists.The proposal was rejected when it was submitted to the International Olympic Committee, saying, “There should be 30 seats for journalists and they should comply with quarantine requirements…” and “Journalists from all over the world come from far away to cover first-hand news during the Winter Olympics.”Liu said.Liu Yang, a former journalist, knows a reporter’s desire for live coverage and understands the IOC’s requirements.However, this Winter Olympic Games is different from previous ones, so we need to ensure adequate coverage by journalists and strictly abide by epidemic prevention regulations.Given the size of the venue, if the quarantine regulations cannot be broken, adding seats would be like making bricks without rice.Since may last year, Liu Yang team is trying to chew this “hard bone”.Sit down and think carefully about which departments are involved in the setting of journalist seats, and what processes should be followed, and then coordinate with them one by one.Find related business department reconnaissance site “development”, and the Olympic broadcasting company confirm whether additional seats influence on screen, and streamline the parties involved to process, please design a new drawings… After repeated reconnaissance, consultation and approval audit, liu team finally found out the new plan: through flat BianJiaoDe, to 74 square meters of new area.Rezoning, nine more seats dug up!”30 seats for Chinese and foreign journalists, not one of them less!”Liu Yang did not dare to relax, leading the team in the field to draw a line, put iron horse test, one seat one seat map.It took five months to fill the 30th seat in the third version of the plan in October last year.January 23, 6 girls carry shoulder, according to the drawings, 64 iron horse guardrail in the mixed area code put neatly, 30 text reporter seats are not less.On his way to the mixed zone on January 24, IOC press operations staff Member Colin Banks was a little worried, but when he arrived, he looked at the drawings and confirmed the seats for reporters one by one. “It’s better than we thought, and we’re happy with it,” he said.Stay tuned for more content in the Winter Olympics bulletin.(the original title: in fact I do guarantee | 30 seats 1 can’t be little) source: | reporter client winter games About the process editor: U022