Daughter married the bride’s family dowry 100,000, specially do display card display, bridesmaids holding the sign in high spirits

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Title: daughter gets married the bride’s home dowry 100,000, specially do display board display, bridesmaids holding the sign in high spirits male big when marriage, female big when marry.In Chinese marriage custom, marriage is not only a coincidence between men and women, but also a “competition of strength” between two families.Because of this, there is a saying that the two families are of the same family background, so there will not be a situation of one side over the other after marriage, and because the two sides are equal, the marriage will be more equal.There is dowry dowry, in the past, large families will give their daughter to prepare a generous dowry, for the daughter in her husband’s family can stand up straight, not because of the lack of money and feel low head, also not because of the money in the flower and ask people to be pinched.Dowry is a woman’s most important alongside of the body, but also an important guarantee of a prosperous future life.At the same time, the amount of dowry can also see the size of the woman’s family strength, as well as the importance parents attach to their daughter.A large dowry represents the power of the family, representing the importance of the parents to their daughter, so the family will not dare to bully or neglect their daughter-in-law.Every girl imagines that she can have “ten miles of red makeup” when she imagines herself getting married.A wedding photographer has shared the moment he captured his rural daughter getting married and her family presenting her with a dowry.When the groom arrives at the bride’s home, the bride’s relatives and friends take the dowry from the room and display it in front of the crowd.The head is a bridesmaid, she was holding a sign, which wrote “home dowry 100,000”, followed by a lot of people, in the hands of red basins, quilts and other dowry.It can be seen that 100 thousand cash is the main part of the dowry, so the bridesmaids holding the sign also feel and have honor yan, straight back, showing a pair of high spirits.As the dowry squad filed out and carried the dowry from the house to the groom’s wedding car, many onlookers looked at the scene with envy.There will be more witnesses along the way, and the story of a daughter marrying 100,000 yuan will soon spread to every corner of the local community.Not only the mother’s family will feel decent, even the husband’s family will feel very respectable.Maybe some people think it is only 100,000 yuan, there is no need to show off so grandly.Perhaps for a rich family, 100,000 yuan is just the cost of a meal, but for a rural family, 100,000 yuan may be years of savings.However, rural families can offer 100,000 yuan for a dowry. This “love value” is equal to, or even much higher than, 1 million or 10 million yuan for a rich family.Because the rural parents who gave $100,000 might have $100,000 left over, whereas the rich parents who gave $1 million might have $9 million left over.The amount of dowry also depends on the actual situation of the parents.No matter how many dowry parents give their daughter, it is a love for their daughter. Every parent hopes that her daughter can find a Mr. Right, get married with dignity, and live a safe and happy life.What do you have to say about it?To understand social news, remember: click a concern oh!