Congratulations to The Chinese women’s football team. Nine days after winning the gold medal, another piece of good news was greeted with applause from the fans

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The Chinese women’s Football team won the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup after coming back from behind in all three matches in the knockout stage, touching millions of Chinese football fans.In contrast, the men’s football team chose to lie flat. Even if they fell behind, they did not have the mentality to draw even. Anyway, the results were already very poor, and they did not care about this one or two games, which made it difficult for fans to accept.According to the report, after the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup this time, there was a strong response from all walks of life, many enterprises asked to learn from the spirit of women’s football, and many enterprises offered bonuses to encourage them. According to the statistics, the bonus of the women’s football team winning the Asian Cup has exceeded 40 million yuan.It’s a lot of money, but it’s a worthy one for women’s football.Some time ago shui Qingxia guidance in the locker room speech was also known by the fans, a lot of people can not help but thumbs up praise.In the women’s soccer final against South Korea, we were 2-0 down at halftime. Our head coach, Shui Qingxia, said, “I was very upset. The players were wondering how they could play like this, and they blamed themselves.”At that time, SHE was very angry, but also very distressed. I said to be a man should have backbone, life can have a few fights, this is an opportunity, not necessarily to win the championship, but must show the indomitable spirit of Chinese women’s football team.Tang Jiali and frost king, they is the core team, from half data analysis team defensive movement is too little, lost the ball after the ball back is not enough, defensive pressure is too great, I like Tang Jiali and frost king said, you can do, do not come down, to be a good player, the core, will take a lot of things, this is a kind of responsibility.Here we have to admire the Indomitable spirit of The Chinese women’s football team, and nine days after winning the gold medal, ushered in a good news, the men’s football team is very envious.That is in today’s Lantern Festival party, led by Shang Wenjie and Li Sdani, Chinese women’s football team through the air linked songs, sonorous roses.This is a great honor for The Chinese women’s football team.Some fans say that when the men’s football team can also perform on stage, men should be self-improvement.