2022 Peugeot new model spy photos exposed, welcome the reward

2022-05-30 0 By

A few months ago, a photograph of the Peugeot factory in Millouse, France, revealed the project code-named P54. What was hidden under the white sheet?It is widely speculated by overseas media that it will be named 4008 wagon.A few days ago, overseas media took Peugeot is road test SUV spy photos, from the exposure of spy photos, the car’s D-pillar modeling to see smooth slip back design.However, the entire front face of the new car was not exposed in the spy photos.But it is expected to use the new generation of Peugeot 308’s brand new family style, using the new 308 EMP2-V3P platform, while it has special tires and suspension, giving it better passability, sources said, the new Peugeot P54 length will reach 4.7 meters, and will be produced in France and China local market, the new car will have a brand new naming rules,This may be Peugeot will be a more refined product line of a landmark model, looking forward to the performance of the new car.