Shichuan sports leisure town is expected to be completed within 4 years

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China Gansu network On February 14, lanzhou Evening News reported (reporter Zhang Pengwei wen/picture) with the Beijing Winter Olympic Games held hot, snow and ice sports become lanzhou citizens this winter new favorite.Snow and ice lovers fly on 13 ski tracks at Longshan International Ski Resort in Lanzhou, northwest China’s Gansu province, Feb. 12, 2019.A few days ago, in the provincial Development and Reform Commission and other 10 departments issued a notice, Gaolan County Shichuan sports leisure characteristics of small towns selected in Gansu province characteristics of small town to create a list.Due to the early operation experience of Longshan Ski resort, the characteristic town is expected to be completed within 4 years, and the annual tourist reception scale will exceed 1 million person-times, which will greatly promote the development of sports and leisure tourism industry in Lanzhou.On February 12, the reporter set out from lanzhou Press Building at 9 o ‘clock, navigation showed that it was only 17 kilometers to Lanzhou Longshan International ski Resort (hereinafter referred to as “ski resort”).The car to yanshi highway, ten minutes later it arrived at the destination.Beside the road, shichuan sports and leisure characteristics of the town signs.Ski resort is an important part of Shichuan sports and leisure characteristic town (hereinafter referred to as “town”), which has been built and operated in advance.At this point, the ski park parking lot has stopped a lot of vehicles, the square is constantly tourists with snow.The ski resort covers an area of 132 hectares, with a snowmaking area of 50 hectares (grassland in non-snow season). It has 13 ski trails, including 1 advanced trail (1 km long, slope ratio 75% ~ 100%), 6 intermediate trail (1.2 km long, slope ratio 25% ~ 30%), 2 elementary trail (1.5 km long,Slope ratio of 10% to 20%), 4 practice tracks (0.25 km, slope ratio of less than 10%).Although it is not even 10 o ‘clock, there are already hundreds of people riding in the ski resort. Most of the skiers are family groups, and most of them are in the primary track and practice track.In this way, zhang Xiaoqi and Zhang Fei, the primary school students who glide in the intermediate road, appear very dazzling.Zhang Xiaoqi is a grade 5 student in a primary school in Chengguan District. She is 10 years old. Influenced by her parents, she began to learn skiing at the age of 5 and will come to the ski resort to practice every winter.”I want to be Gu Ailing when I grow up!”Zhang said.Zhang Fei is in sixth grade and has been learning to ski for three or four years.Zhang fell in love with skiing and joined the school ski team after her school organized students to go to the ski resort.Reporters see, although she is young, but the grasp of the essentials of sliding, in the middle of the slippery pattern, very stylish.Zhang fei said: “I like the feeling of ‘flying’!”The ski resort is located in Dabengtou Mountain, Shichuan Town che Village. Construction started on March 1, 2016, and it will officially operate in the 2019-2020 snow season. It can accommodate 5,000 to 8,000 people skiing at the same time for about 100 days in a snow season.In addition to the highly acclaimed ski slopes, the resort has one of the largest ski halls in the country (16,800 square meters), as well as a snowboard park and rides.In the interview, The relevant person in charge of the Travel bureau of Gaolan County, here is the largest ski resort in lanzhou suburbs.Mo Wenjie, assistant to the chairman of Gansu Hengyuan Investment Co LTD, the resort’s investment and operation agency, said the resort has seen an increase in the number of visitors this year compared with the past, and is expected to receive more than 200,000 visitors in the 2021-2022 snow season.As the ice and snow sports plate of the town, the successful operation of the ski resort has laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive construction of the town. In addition, it has been selected to create the list of characteristic towns in Gansu Province recently, which has added strong power to the construction of the town.In the interview, Miao Yuanliang, chairman of Gansu Hengyuan, introduced that the town covers an area of about 400 hectares, which is divided into culture, sports, tourism, fitness and leisure industry area, folk culture industry area, ecological tourism area, etc., with ecology as the background, sports as the theme, ice and snow as the feature and tourism as the core.Culture, sports, tourism, fitness and leisure industry area is divided into ski sports area (namely Longshan ski resort), mountain outdoor sports area, automobile and motorcycle sports area, aviation sports area.At present, ski resort, lotus pond, four seasons flower sea has been built.According to the plan, the town will set up a star camp and a star observatory on the top of the mountain to create a star camp;The middle of the mountain is the expansion area, which will create mountain cross-country, rock climbing, field development, grass skiing and other projects, and launch a large live cliff carving light show;At the foot of the mountain will build equestrian competition, joy oasis, natural study plate.The joy oasis will consist of shooting, camping, hot air balloon, tent market and music festival. The nature research section will create a bird garden, butterfly science park, pet park and nature exploration park.In addition to the “Yellow River Ancient Road” mountain cross-country race, the town will also build the ancient Pear Garden parent-child marathon, “One Belt and One Road” dragon boat race, sports group construction carnival, World Cup downhill race and other events, the first theme of the Yellow River in China to build a glass walkway.After the completion of the town, there will be football, basketball, football, fencing, baseball, car racing, swimming, ice hockey, skiing, taekwondo, cheerleading, equestrian, archery, fishing and more than 30 types of sports.”The construction of sports leisure characteristic town is a pioneering work, there is no ready-made experience and model to follow, Shichuan sports leisure characteristic town will actively explore the development path.”MiaoYuanLiang introduction, the town is expected to be built in four years, built in the year after visitors reception scale will break through 1 million person-time, will drive and promote the lanzhou city’s tourism industry, cultural industry, outdoor sports, such as high-end sports related industry development, for lanzhou city people and tourists, a holiday and summer outdoor sports, leisure, fitness, entertainment, ideal tourist destination,It will also generate good social benefits (currently the resort has provided income for more than 200 local villagers) and economic benefits.And, the town will also be expected to fire lanzhou suburbs of a day tour (town – Shichuan ancient pear garden).