Shi Peirong, chairman of Gansu Gonghang Travel Group, visited some units in LAN for investigation and condolence

2022-05-28 0 By

Financial capital, sympathy on February 7, 2022 morning, the group chairman of the board of directors of the company and air travel Shi Peirong successively in international trade company, the financial capital group, construction group, luqiao investment company, the PPP project management center after investigation sympathy, and on behalf of the group company to all units and departments and all staff on holiday sympathy and blessings.International trade company visiting construction group solicitude Shi Peirong pointed out that over the past year, international trade companies and financial capital group actively cope with COVID – 19 outbreak, coagulation hearts meet force, overcome difficult, promote each work has achieved excellent results, hope that international trade company and all the staff members of financial capital group more full mental state and high morale into the New Year,The ring, strong and vigorous work has contributed to the high-quality development of the group.All the cadres and staff of the Construction Group should make persistent efforts and forge ahead. In the New Year, they should continue to “focus on big projects and big projects”, actively strive to participate in PPP projects in the province, actively undertake the construction of high-quality large projects, and accelerate the construction of high-quality projects.We will continue to take action to improve first-class management, and focus on building efficient and highly executive management mechanisms and personnel.We should continue to promote the transformation of scientific research and innovation achievements, make good use of the superior resource platform of the Group, extend and expand the whole industrial chain of Weilu, strengthen the sustainable development of the Group, and help achieve new breakthroughs in various business indicators of the “14th Five-year plan”.Luqiao Investment Company should further strengthen the company’s epidemic prevention and control and production safety work, strict prevention and control, not relax for a moment;We should take “building quality project” and “promoting craftsman spirit” as our own responsibility, constantly summarize experience, innovate vigorously, strive to promote project construction management and company development to a new level, and make new contributions to the successful realization of strategic goals of the Group.PPP project management center since its inception, group projects and investment, made great contributions to promoting the reform, development and hopes to continue to carry forward those work style, work diligently, give full play to the “great catch, catch big projects” vanguard and mainstay role, with full of enthusiasm into work, in high quality development for group company made new again.The PPP Project Management Center of Luqiao Investment Company visited Huang Zheng, deputy general manager of the Group, Yang Yongming, executive assistant, Jia Junzheng, assistant general manager, Wei Gongquan, Chen Jisheng and other deputy chief engineers.