New clock-in point in west Town?Hipster Block 4.2 grand opening now

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The development of northwest New City of Kunming in recent years is obvious to all. With the opening of the subway, the landing of the hospital, the completion of the business circle, and the sale of major real estate enterprises, the popularity of the new city has gradually increased, and various supporting problems of the original life have been improved, and life has become more and more convenient and fast.When it comes to popularity, the business circle must be an inescapable topic. Large commercial facilities such as Wuyue Plaza, IKEA and Beijing Capital Outlets bring a large number of people to northwest New Town, and also provide a good place for residents to have a rest and have a meal.In the post-epidemic era, people’s consumption concepts and habits have changed greatly. The “last mile” life circle has recently appeared frequently in people’s eyes. The more diverse and convenient the community businesses are, the more convenience and peace of mind they can bring to residents.Street of kunming first zhaozhou sent three thousand city blocks of real – suction eye clock (three thousand le street scene shooting photo) with local business was absolutely not only responsible for the daily necessities of the community, both convenient and three thousand le street trend, show a colorful formats, to community and commercial complementary to each other at the same time, makes the beer and skittles all forms of life scenes.For the owners, it is very convenient to shop, eat and relax in the community.In the future, it will also be another competitive commercial street in northwest New Town, and a gathering place for hipster groups to meet the whole city’s passenger flow.Still did not open a street formally, the model section that builds to finish already reflected the atmosphere feeling that gave future whole street, ceiling lamp is acted the role of and model shop decorate true show, it is to attract a lot of young people to hit card only during opening beforehand, they invite each other to come to appreciate future tide life ground.At 14:00 on April 2nd, the model section of Sanlejie will be officially opened. There will be a signing ceremony of Sanlejie and a forum of Internet celebrities to open to the whole city.Located next to the Subway Line 4 (Jinchuan Road Station), Sanqian Le Street brings a huge flow of people with convenient traffic.Backed by the city of 3,000 people, “neighborhood” distance with community type business, the city and community sharing business supporting.Surrounding hospitals, schools and parks, and other supporting facilities, will further gather people for the Three thousand Le Street.Trendy block (three thousand le street real picture) it is understood that three thousand time residents are younger, so three thousand Le Street will be made into a dynamic trend of commercial blocks, the future will become the west urban night economy charm.The ornate colors at the entrance set the tone for the whole street.The color theme of the whole street is the combination of vibrant yellow and quiet black. With the overhead lighting, special business tricks and patterns, the whole street highlights the vitality and dynamic feeling. Walking in the street, shopping and leisure will be a wonderful immersive experience.Three thousand Le Street to build a surface of about 15-270 square meters subway entrance quasi shop, the height of about 5.4 meters, catering conditions meet.Equipped with strong explicit, show brand characteristics.In such a small gold shop on the full business street, natural is the choice of high-quality investment, at present, the three thousand Le Street shop is in the hot recognition, the opportunity to take up, the seat decline.The opening ceremony of the sample section of 3000 Le Street and the signing ceremony of the main store of 3000 Le Street will be grand and open at 14:00 on April 2, 2022 at 3000 Le Street, which will witness another hardcore cash moment of 3000 Time;After the signing ceremony, 15:00 will be held in the 3000 time marketing center commercial network celebrity forum, share the business of all walks of life.Construction surface of about 15-270㎡ subway entrance quasi existing pavement construction surface of about 89-117㎡ panoramic vision zhen installed three houses construction surface of about 40-63㎡ double key LOFT marketing center: Kunming, second ring Road, subway line 4 Jinchuan Road station, Next to hongqi Primary school call details: 0871-6339 9000 statement: retransmission of this article is for the purpose of more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: