New Year to go to the grassroots | New Year strong taste

2022-05-28 0 By

During the Spring Festival, our reporter visited several food markets, supermarkets and shopping malls in Jishou city.Shelves and baskets are piled high in supermarkets, and discount signs adorn the stores…As far as the eye can see, crowds, bustling, thick flavor of the year.In the “vegetable basket” area of vegetables, meat and aquatic products, there is no doubt about the popularity.The sales clerk of the fisheries department said that since the Spring Festival, the sales volume of the department has doubled, shrimps, dried cuttlefish, squid and so on, will be short sold in the morning, beef, mutton, pork, chicken is also very popular with the public.In the snack section, dried fruit, candy and spicy foods are piled high and prominently displayed.Businesses made all kinds of gift boxes to meet the needs of citizens visiting relatives and friends.Also launched a series of preferential activities, in the goods next to the small speakers, circular broadcast discount news, came to buy an endless stream of citizens.”The large supermarket now has a complete range of items, only unexpected, nothing can not buy.”Citizen Ms Liu said, may want to go to a lot of places to buy the whole goods, now as long as a supermarket can be satisfied.The convenience of one-stop shopping has been praised by citizens.In addition to the lively supermarket, the most popular and fireworks to say the vegetable market.”Business is good this year, mold tofu made 400 kilograms, is now out of stock.”Cooked food processing stall Ms. Zhang said.Reporters found that Ms. Zhang’s booth to pickled and processed vegetables, there are mouth-watering sour cabbage, sour beans, sour peppers and more than a dozen categories, colorful, let a person see dazzling.”Vegetables are not easy to store, so it’s better to buy as you eat,” said Ms. Qu, the vendor.In recent years, the vegetable market will be open during the Spring Festival to meet the needs of citizens.”Entering the shopping mall, citizens carrying bags of goods can be seen everywhere.Clothing district, footwear district, amusement park and other areas of people coming and going.”Before the popularity of the weekend will be more prosperous, these days every day than the weekend more people, some best-selling brands will appear queuing phenomenon.Children’s clothing sales Ms. Zhang said.New Year’s Day, every family new clothes new pants can not be less, the business of the shopping mall also ushered in the sales season of the year.Liu Xu (Yang Sisi)