Metaverse: Three trends that will Unlock the future of the world

2022-05-28 0 By

As an important digital space for future social entertainment and production work, the VRAR meta-universe will not only change our way of life, but also bring three huge development trends for the future development of the world.01. Trend 1: Digital Economy From the perspective of historical development, every technological change will bring important industrial upgrading to our lives, and the changes brought to various scenes in our lives by the development of the meta-universe so far have already been the embryonic form.In the world of the meta-universe, we can cooperate and communicate freely “face to face” without geographical restrictions, thus gradually pushing the “interconnection of all things” to “collaboration of all things”.In this process, our trade will occur between people, not just between people and machines, machines and also frequent transactions occur, the resulting digital makes each intelligent hardware has a unique digital identity, in the process of payment is real-time liquidation, digital economy and the real economy will further realize the depth of fusion.02. The second trend: digital image into yuan universe world, we are often the first thing to do is to design a belongs to own the digital image, the image is not just the appearance, but also our personal aesthetic, interest, feelings, the product of the factors set, or a deep self-knowledge projection in the digital world.Therefore, with further integration of the universe and our lives, digital image will be our main social image, it for each one of us will be more unique, general, privacy, it can serve as representatives of each of us as we get through identity, data, credit, assets, and so on a series of digital system, and gradually achieve identity fusion with reality.Trend 3: Data Assets In the metasverse, many products and services are based on data, because every device on our end is generating a huge amount of data at any given time, so there are huge profits to be made from using data, and companies that understand data will become increasingly valuable., centralized Internet institutions dominated data assets, users’ privacy, and so on all will end, be replaced by a decentralized, with full privacy data assets, and ultimately realize data through intelligent contract deals and value distribution, so as to make the data of every one of us really assets, realizing the maximization of value.VRAR Planet provides international news, exhibition activities, practice guides, case studies, industry reports and white papers for the VR /AR industry.As the official authorized Representative office of the World VR/AR Association in China, responsible for recruiting Chinese members of the association;Create the world’s first VRAR interactive community.