Just as the spring breeze warms the heart

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— Raohe County to carry out the “Festival civilization volunteer care trip” to send warm volunteer activities documentary cold deep warm feelings, sincere care qin people.During the Spring Festival, the RaoHe county general volunteers important time nodes around the Spring Festival of 2022, with “festival ShangWenMing volunteer caring action” as the theme, the deepening “I does the practical work for the masses” activity, combining with the actual active connotation is rich, each has its own characteristics to send warmth, love volunteer action, to improve people’s feeling, happiness, security,Set off the upsurge of civilized practice in the new era.The Civilization Office of Raohe County and the Communist Youth League County Committee organized more than 100 young volunteers to help the county in epidemic prevention and control, COVID-19 vaccination and other work, and build a safe line of epidemic prevention and control.County economic cooperation and promotion bureau volunteers and bureau staff of the administration of the enterprise, bao bao district to carry out the row, registration, and publicity.The grid management of epidemic prevention and control is strictly implemented, and the epidemic prevention and control level is comprehensively improved in supermarkets, restaurants, express delivery services and residential areas where people are crowded.During the festival, the county health bureau organized the medical and health volunteer service team to go deep into the county pension center, towns and villages to actively carry out the “festival is civilized, voluntary care line” for the theme of the elderly health free diagnosis activities.Activities involving internal medicine, ultrasound, ecg, convenient for the elderly to consult at home to solve the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, improve health awareness, improve health level.The activity site, medical staff for their blood pressure measurement, and guide everyone how to health care, daily exercise, reasonable diet and standardized medication, the cumulative number of service to more than 500 people, issued more than 200 copies of publicity materials, has been highly recognized by the masses.County education and Sports bureau organized the county school teachers volunteer 18 people, for orphans and disabled children, left-behind children to carry out academic counseling, family companionship and other services.The youth League County Committee organized 70 returning college students to hold the sixth raohe County volunteer service activity of “Village companion for children”, which lasted for 10 days. According to the characteristics, hobbies and learning weaknesses of the children, volunteers made one-to-one exclusive accompany plan, online and offline together.A total of 100 Spring Festival gift bags and 40 new cotton-padded coats were given to left-behind children and outstanding volunteers, and a grant totaling 3,000 yuan was given to three poor students.County women’s federation county people’s procuratorate to hand in hand “festival ShangWenMing volunteer care line” as the theme, combined with “send love home – winter vacation four” activities, the organization carries out the Spring Festival visits condolences, three for the funding of left-behind children sent to rice, noodles, oil and other caffeine arts and consolation money 1500 yuan, for the left-behind children, gu incomplete children sent material care and spiritual encouragement,So that left-behind children really feel the strong care from the society.On The first day of the New Year, the County disabled persons’ Federation and wusu love Volunteer service team carried out the activity of “Caring for the disabled people in the New Year and sending warm dumplings”.CDPF staff and volunteers after two hours of joint efforts, more than 2,000 love dumplings paved with a round grate.Then volunteers will love dumplings to the hands of the disabled, so that disabled friends feel the care and help of the whole society, so that they have a peaceful and happy festival.Send spring couplets on the Spring Festival culture into m county bureau of China brigade organization culture art volunteers carried out into the m – calligraphy fragrance, winter jasmine send blessing “righteousness couplets couplets on the Spring Festival, volunteer service activities,” singing in the sixth plenary session of the 19th poetry recitation of literature and art joint performance “hesui special activities,” read more general heritage – the year of the tiger tiger cubs Yang from “parent-child activities Spring Festival activities such as traditional culture,It has enriched people’s cultural life and added a strong cultural atmosphere to the upcoming Spring Festival.County party committee propaganda department, county literary and art federation invited county calligrapher’s association volunteers to write more than 2000 pairs of couplets, sent to the county disabled people, the masses in difficulty.Raohe County new era practice Center (station, station) organized the “removing bad habits, new wind trees” special rectification action.County civilization office issued the “attention RaoHe WeChat” platform “in addition to bad habits, behavior” initiative, the use of the electronic screen broadcast propaganda slogans, organize volunteers into communities, shops, restaurants and other places a propaganda, to villagers “habit, behavior” flyer, guide people to set up new wind civilization, abandon the old behaviors, establish a scientific and healthy way of life,We will move forward with changing customs and customs.Through songs, sketches, three and a half periods and other forms popular with the masses, the serious harm of “sky-high” bride price, lavish burial and poor support, extravagance and waste, feudal superstition and other bad habits, advocating the formation of the masses worship morality, good, thrifty, civilized and healthy lifestyle.The ecological environment Bureau of Raohe County launched a voluntary service and care activity with the theme of “Beautiful Raohe, I am the actor”, calling on the people of the county to take practical actions to participate in the protection of the ecological environment, and jointly build a beautiful Raohe with “blue sky, green land and clear water”.In county set up new era civilization practice square XuanChuanTai, conduct propaganda advisory activities, widely popularize knowledge about environmental protection laws and regulations, environmental protection, distributed leaflets and brochures, advocate saving resource, green and healthy way of life, called on everyone to take action, starts from oneself, from nearby small start, to promote the construction of ecological civilization and a greater contribution to the environmental protection.Raohe County Transportation bureau organized volunteers in the passenger station to carry out the Spring Festival warm journey volunteer service activities.Volunteers assist the staff of the passenger station to guide passengers into the station to scan the location code, monitor their body temperature, actively help the elderly, the sick, the disabled and pregnant special passengers to wait for the bus, ensure that they get on the bus in order, and guide civilized passengers to get on the bus.The station has set up volunteer service stations to provide passengers with free phone calls, shuttle bus consultation, guided services and other volunteer services. Volunteers have made passengers feel warm with their practical actions.Photo by Yang Qikun, reporter of Shuangyashan Daily