Heart reunion is the year | County “police” along guard does not close

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Reunion is in the original title: heart | huaxian county enjoys “p” hand guard not to close the year of the tiger of the Spring Festival, there is a bit busy with “p” in the sliding state of the earth, with a stick to explain loyalty bear and dedication, with hard work and keep him safe and peaceful.”110?Here’s a little girl who can’t seem to find her family. Come and see her.”At 2:00 PM on January 31st, the Xincheng police station of The Public Security Bureau of Hua County received a report from the public that a little girl was walking around a kindergarten without an adult, as if she was separated from her family.Police quickly arrived at the scene, after the inquiry, the little girl is 6 years old, and her parents out of the supermarket when accidentally separated, do not know the family contact information, do not know where he lives.Police are at a loss, the little girl pointed to a car parked on the roadside, said the car is their home, police then found a car phone in the car, immediately dial the phone, and the little girl’s father made contact.Before long, the girl’s father came running in a hurry.”Thank you!Thank you very much, I am worried about finding my daughter!”The boy’s father thanked the police and promised to take care of the boy in the future.7 p.m., the county public Security Bureau traffic police brigade Baidaokou squadron 110 command center command said: There is a man in The town of Baidaokou sudden illness, need to immediately go to the county people’s hospital treatment, because it is New Year’s Eve, traffic congestion, traffic police help request.After receiving instruction, the traffic police on duty immediately contact QiuZhuRen, in white DaoKou Town rock fork road after receiving help vehicles, traffic police on duty side contact 120 ambulance, side might sign for other vehicle collision avoidance, in the shortest possible time to patient safety sent to the 120 ambulance, timely treatment for the precious time for patients.(Great River Network)