From today, zhengzhou bus station orderly resumption of passenger lines in the province

2022-05-28 0 By

The reporter learned from Zhengzhou Jiaoyun Group, according to the notification of Zhengzhou Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters, on January 31, all bus stations under Zhengzhou Jiaoyun Group will resume the road transport passenger trains (including customized passenger trains) to and from the province (except the cities where the middle and high risk areas are located).Passengers who need to take a bus can check the specific bus information through the “Yuzhou Travel” mini program. Passengers entering and leaving the station must wear masks, carry their ID cards, scan codes and take their temperature when entering the station, and present the 48-hour nucleic acid test report with the station before taking the bus.In the early stage, the bus station has prepared for the resumption of work and production, eliminating the station and vehicles, and carrying out technical safety testing of vehicles.At the same time, the bus station staff is to carry out carpet cleaning of the whole station, and the entrance to the station, ticket hall, waiting hall, seats, inspection platform and other key areas of the encryption of the elimination of strength and frequency.After the resumption of work and production, all vehicles will strictly comply with the requirements of the Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control and Transportation Service Guarantee of Road and Waterway Spring Festival Transport in 2022 issued by the Ministry of Transport, and earnestly do epidemic prevention and control work to guarantee smooth and safe travel of passengers.Zheng newspaper reporters Review of investigation of editor: Li Ruirui coordinating editor: an-qi liu | : li zhen | director: jun-wei wan (source: zhengzhou daily)