Encounter: What is it that makes you addicted?Lone Wolf say four reasons, sure is true love

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Preface: Hello everyone, I am yao, every day for you to release the latest information in the game field.As we chatted with players, we were pleasantly surprised to find that everyone was equally addicted to the world of light encounters!It is hard to understand why there is such a phenomenon, addicted to it and unable to extricate themselves from the repeated running charts and tasks every day, even many players are still alone.Maybe it has something to do with the following four reasons.Today’s topic: What makes you addicted?1. Collecting addiction can prove this from several aspects. For example, copying, the reason why players are so keen is because they want to collect and dress up.The same is true for buying gift packs. Besides looking good, players are interested in collecting gifts.This also brought up a batch of players, become complete guide, regardless of any conditions, as long as the line is new dress up (including props), must krypton gold to buy.Do you feel that way?Player A told Yao that she could not stop raising A trumpet because she felt good for A while and kept feeling good all the time.One thing is certain, light encounter players, at least more than 90%, everyone has at least two numbers, five or six is the norm.Keep a trumpet, in addition to their heart, but also can be used to sell heart.And the reason that lets player give up hard, unexpectedly is the happiness that nurturance.Small, slowly develop a full graduation, full copy, one after another.3. Anticipation (Warm Souls) Does anyone like being a lone Wolf?No man or woman.But sometimes, we have to be alone.Emotional matters are never up to their own control. It requires both high eq and popularity, luck and financial resources.But you can be sure that even if you’ve been alone for a long time, you still expect to meet a warm soul one day.Maybe the name Guang Yu means “by light”, and that person is the warm light.In addition to the above three points, we will find a problem in the end, as if we have become accustomed to it!Like every time the replicas come, 6 o ‘clock in the morning, the first thing I wake up, is to turn on the light encounter, and then go to recall the ancestors, want to get these replicas in the first time.This habit, gradually into life, may not spend a long time in the game, but certainly, light encounter will become a way of life for some players.If feel useful, might as well a key three even go again.The story comes from fans, if there are similarities, pure coincidence.Ok, today’s content is shared here, if you think yao said reasonable, might as well give Yao a concern, a praise, thank you for your encouragement and sharing.