Eat staple food like this in spring, simple, nutritious home, but also beauty

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Healthy diet without grains and tubers and other coarse grains, especially purple potato, rich in dietary fiber, anthocyanins and other nutrients, not only good gastrointestinal health, but also beauty;Usually in addition to directly steamed to eat, can also be made into Chinese dessert, pasta;Today, let’s make a delicious and good-looking purple potato roll. The shape is similar to bread, but the operation is much simpler than bread, sweet and delicate, the appearance level is online, every mouthful is healthy and nutritious!Ingredients purple potato 100g | yeast 3g | Selenium-rich black wheat flour 300g 180g warm water pot with mother goose Titanium crystal pot detailed steps 1, 2 purple potatoes washed, peeled, sliced and steamed (purple potato is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, trace elements, anthocyanin, etc., can be antioxidant, beauty, nutrition);2. The steamed purple potato is pressed into a delicate and lumpless purple potato paste;3. Make purple potato balls of about the same size for reserve. I use about 30g/ball.4, the bowl into 300 grams of se-rich stone ground black wheat flour, 3 grams of yeast powder, 180 grams of warm water side pour side stir into flocculent (black wheat flour is rich in dietary fiber and calcium, iron, zinc and selenium, nutrition, especially suitable for growth and development of children to do snacks);5, knead into a ball covered with cling film greenhouse wake up twice as large, wake up the good batter internal honeycomb pores;6, move to the cutting board knead exhaust, exhaust must be sufficient, then knead into strips, divided into about the same size of the dosage;7, each dosage roll out thin put purple potato filling;8, with the help of the tiger mouth knead round after rolling into ox tongue;9, the middle oblique row small, both ends empty some do not break;10, turn over from one side to the other side, the rules of the volume;11. After the greenhouse is about doubled in size, boil the water and steam it for 8 minutes, turn off the fire and stew it for 2 minutes.12, steamed purple potato roll does not look like a bit of bread, can not make bread to try this pasta, do not need to knead the glove film, follow the simple to fail;13, purple potato rich in anthocyanins, can effectively protect eyesight, beauty anti-aging, make purple potato rolls sweet and delicate, appearance level online, give children when breakfast or snacks are excellent.