Do you have bing Dwen Dwen?No!No!There is no

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What’s the hardest to buy right now?From Beijing Wangfujing street wind back I can tell you: ice dun dun the most difficult to buy!”A trick is hard to get”!Bing Dun dun, the ice crystal shell of the panda tuanzi, not only with charming cute cute image to conquer consumers at home and abroad to become the top flow net red, but also become the most top flow during the Winter Olympics “with goods master”.”I’m going to throw away all my clothes and stuff my suitcase with ice!””Japanese athletes have not arrived in Beijing yet – no figure skating news, but there is today’s latest ice dwen dwen news!”Japanese journalist Yoshido Tsujioka recently became famous for excitedly displaying the MEDALS he bought during his coverage of the Winter Olympics, hence the name “Yidundun”.Bing Dun dun conquest is not only tsujiagang Yitang, there are many foreign athletes.Many people have been on the social platform with ice Dun dun photo, and Tsujigangyituo himself is becoming ice Dun Dun loyal Fans, not only for ice Dun dun play “call”, but also crazy buy all kinds of surrounding, and even ice Dun Dun sent back to Tokyo TV morning program studio.Because of the love of Ice dun dun and popular Japanese journalist Tsujioka Yoido.”I’m going to throw all my clothes away and stuff my suitcase with ice!”Mr. Tsujioka said.Unconsciously, Bing Dandan won the hearts of many foreign athletes and journalists, but also their wallets.Singapore Finance noticed that on Japanese second-hand website Mercari, a lot of high-priced bingdundon-related items were snapped up.And on ヤフ Returning, a pair of Bing Dandan and Sherrong Rong dolls already fetched the highest bidder of 22,000 yen.Oh: And a pair of Bing Dandan and Sherrongrong dolls have been bidding on the highest 22,000 yen on ヤフ Scribe.”You can’t buy abroad, we can’t buy at home!”Be snapped up at a high price in foreign ice pier pier, in the domestic is also “a pier hard to find”.On February 4, the day of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, 5,000 bingdwen Dwen handworks were sold out in just 15 minutes at the official Tmall Olympic flagship store, Singapore Finance learned.At present, there is no spot goods of Bingdaddun in the official Flagship store of Tmall Olympic Games, and only 1,000 items of hand-made items and key chains will be available for booking in three periods of time on February 6th.”Even more desperate than the crowded subway in the morning rush hour, bing Daddun’s pre-sale interface told me, ‘The front is crowded, please wait’.”Bing Dwen Dwen was killed in seconds around the official Tmall Olympic flagship store.Online spelling but hand speed, offline can buy ice pier pier?”Frozen as ice, you can’t buy ice.”On the afternoon of February 6, Zhongxin Finance visited the Beijing Winter Olympics flagship store located in Gongmei Building in Wangfujing, Beijing, and found that people were queuing 100 meters away to buy winter Olympics products.A queuer told Singapore Finance that she and her friends had been waiting for more than two hours and expected it would take another hour to enter the store. “Bing Dwen Dwen has already sold out, so now we can only see stamps and clothes around the Winter Olympics,” she said.”She said regretfully.On the afternoon of February 6, the winter Olympics flagship store in Gongmei Building in Wangfujing, Beijing, was still lined up.It was not until 5pm when The staff of Zhongxin Finance company put up a sign saying “the queue is over for today”.”Yesterday we had 500 pieces in stock and today we have 100 pieces. They are all sold out. Tomorrow we are not sure how many we can supply,” a staff member told China New Finance.”A trick is hard to get”!Scalpers are even more active than when selling tickets, according to New Business News, even though xianyu and other trading platforms do not display information about Olympic merchandise, there are still a lot of scalpers Shouting “business” on major social media platforms.Some netizens joked that scalpers in their moments sold bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong dolls for nearly 1,000 yuan, which were originally priced at 376 yuan per pair.”Scalpers are more active than they are at the time of selling tickets.”Bing Dwen Dwen’s popularity even alarmed designers.Cao Xue, a professor at the School of Visual Art and Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, who is in charge of the design team, said he was surprised by the popularity of “Bingdandong” from many friends and relatives. The accessories of “Bingdandong” were sold out, so that his son could not even buy one.In order to ensure that more people can buy Bing Dwen Dwen, the Beijing 2022 flagship store announced on its official account on February 5 that some popular products, such as plush mascot toys and toys, will be restricted from purchase.In particular, consumers are warned not to buy licensed goods at high prices from scalpers, not to believe the price hype and to consume rationally.The winter Olympics flagship store is seen in Gongmei Building in Wangfujing, Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 4, 2019.When can “one family one pier”?Zhao Weidong, spokesman for the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, said at a press conference Thursday that bing Dwen Dwen’s popularity reflects the popularity of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the success of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports.””We are coordinating with relevant parties to increase the supply of Bing Dwen dwen in the face of the sudden outbreak of heat.”At the same time, the offline store staff also told Zhongxin Finance that the shortage of goods is only due to the factory holiday, “We will sell until September, everyone can buy Bing Dandan.”Nantong Golden Phoenix Toy Manufacturing Co., one of the three licensed manufacturers of plush toys for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, has been ordered by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIx Olympiad (BOCOG) and is working overtime to produce bing Dwen dwen and Snow Rhon Rong accessories, media reported.However, under the official guarantee of “one family, one pier”, many fans of ice pier are still eager to buy: “Ice pier pier will melt in September!”Source: China News Editor: An Zhi