22 yuan machine votes hit 3.18 million awards, Sichuan boy appeared to accept the award: ready to buy a house for his parents

2022-05-28 0 By

Winning depends on luck!Sichuan a small group received 3.18 million awards, frankly no what selection skills!In our domestic distribution lottery, lottery brings the double chromosphere and body colour should is the most well known, there are old punters to follow, some even have been insisted on for many years, but tend to be able to harvest awards during the period of a handful, because the two color kind of the lottery chance is very low, so often compete under low probability is a luck,And luck is invisible, not within our own control, and often can be encountered but not sought.According to media reports, a lucky lottery betting station in Chicheng Town east Street, Pengxi County, Suining city, Sichuan Province, won the first prize in the 22013 lucky 8 game. The winning ticket was a ten-fold ticket with 11 numbers, with a bonus of 3.18 million yuan.In recent days, the lucky winners showed up at the Sichuan Blessing Lottery Center to redeem their prizes and share their stories!According to understand, to receive is a very young boy, he said he contact lottery only 3 years or so, at first is to buy the double chromosphere, almost each issue will spend a few dollars to shops to buy a piece, after 8 happy play, thought it was interesting, so also often play on one piece of happy after 8 try their luck.When asked how to bet at ordinary times, the young man is also blunt, there is no selection skills, lottery numbers are randomly produced, can only be each luck, so he has been using the simplest machine selection, the number of the award is also random machine selection.As for the prize of specific arrangement, winners say their work has for several years, the thinking in the county to the parents to buy a house, but a few years past even hadn’t been saving nearly enough down payment, so has been not to be, now with the sudden bonuses, finally can realize in advance to buy a house this desire.Have to say this guy is really too lucky, random machine selection hit the big prize, and from which we can also see that the lottery is completely depends on personal luck, some lottery buyers in every time to spend a lot of time in the selection number is actually not necessary, do you think?Welcome everyone to leave a message to discuss!(Lao Wu loves to say color)