Three couples competed to kiss for seven hours into the wee hours of the morning and split the prize money worth 10,000 yuan

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In the afternoon of February 13, a shopping mall in Linyi, Shandong province held a kissing contest on Valentine’s Day. Three couples were locked in the final for nearly 7 hours, and eventually split the prize money of 10,000 yuan, which attracted the attention of Internet users.On February 15, one of the prize winners, Ms. Wang (Surnamed Hua), told jimu news reporters that she had only participated in the competition for “soy sauce”, but did not expect the competition to be delayed into the early hours of the morning as the opponent was about to lose.Several videos posted online showed several couples embracing and kissing in a mall lobby, while a man in a formal suit, suspected to be an organizer of the event, sat idly waiting.Jimu news reporters learned that this is the Valentine’s Day kissing contest held by a shopping mall in Linyi, Shandong province.On February 15, one of the winners of the valentine’s Day kissing contest, a woman surnamed Wang, told The Jimu news that she signed up after reading the promotion of the kissing contest on the Internet.She had planned to attend another Valentine’s Day event at another mall after the event on Wednesday afternoon, but the kissing contest lasted into the early hours of the next morning.”The video that has gone viral on the Internet is actually the third final round of the contest, where the couple who chooses the most comfortable position to kiss for the longest time wins.That’s why there’s a couple lying on the ground.At that time, I was holding the mentality of ‘playing soy sauce’, and the shopping mall was a little crowded, I was a little embarrassed.But after the first two rounds, my partner felt that it would be a waste to give up now, so she stuck with it.”During this period, the mall staff tried to dissuade them by proposing to split the prize equally, but one couple did not agree, so the standoff lasted until the wee hours of the morning, Wang said.But in the end, at the mall’s suggestion, we split the prize money equally among the three couples.Ms. Wang said that the third round of the match was about 8 p.m. on The 13th, and when the match ended and I returned home, it was already more than 3 a.m. on the 14th, and the kissing contest lasted about 7 hours.During the competition, she kept thinking, Should I wear a diaper? My makeup turned white today, and will I feel cold if I pee in my pants?Wang said the prize money, about 2,666 yuan for each couple after tax, won’t be available until three working days after the race, which they plan to charge into their car wash cards.Now the three couples have added wechat to each other and become friends.The above mall staff confirmed to the jimu news reporter that the “kiss all over the city” activity was actually held in the mall on the afternoon of 13th, and when planning the competition, they did not expect the competition to last until after midnight.She only knew the game ended in the early hours of the morning because the mall staff left work at 10 p.m., but the exact result was unclear.Source: Extreme News