Spring Festival anti-fraud to protect the peace of the masses

2022-05-27 0 By

In order to effectively curb the high incidence of telecom network fraud cases, and effectively improve residents’ awareness of telecom network fraud prevention, during the Spring Festival, Nanchang County public Security Bureau to “harmony 2022” no. 1 action as an opportunity, vigorously carry out “anti-fraud tour publicity” activities, to build a strong “anti-fraud wall”, protect the people safe New Year.On the evening of January 28, 2022, the county bureau held a special anti-fraud symposium on the eve of the Spring Festival.The difficulties and pain points of the pressure drop electric fraud case were analyzed and judged at the meeting, and the next step of the anti-attack work was arranged and deployed.Deputy heads of counties, the county public security bureau chief is easy to macro, the county bureau party committee member, deputy director li yw, invited experts directly under a deputy division marshal NieXiaoJing attended and speech, political work, the supervision office of centre, police security room, police brigade, the it group, lotus pond, ChengBi lake, little blue, prosperous south “head” and related personnel to attend the meeting.With full offline means county bureau combined with the “Harmonious 2022” 1 action, organized the police into residential areas, scenic spots, shopping malls, stations, banks and other crowded places to carry out various forms of anti-fraud publicity activities.The police raised the awareness of fraud prevention by hanging electric fraud banners, putting up anti-fraud posters, issuing leaflets and brochures, carrying out anti-fraud questions with prizes, explaining anti-fraud cases, and guiding the masses to install the APP of the National anti-fraud center.During the period, a total of more than 3000 copies of publicity materials, the masses to participate in anti-fraud answers more than 2000 person-time, the installation of the national anti-fraud center App2200 person-time.In business conduct propaganda against fraud in the subway station to carry out against fraud propaganda in the scenic spot against fraud propaganda in the community to carry out against fraud propaganda in random against fraud propagandize “surround” let anti cheat you expand propaganda channel county bureau of positive and article wide bureau and the relevant township, fraud prevention knowledge into local tea-picking drama, He Lang songs and other folk art show,Anti-fraud propaganda should be carried out in a form popular with the masses.At the same time, we cooperated with the Xiangrong Media Center to set up an online anti-fraud prize-winning quiz mini program, pushed it through the wechat public account of “Changnan Public Security”, and widely encouraged the public to participate in online answering, and got anti-fraud knowledge while drawing the lottery, which achieved good results.