Dream journey to the West: Lao Wang was again chuan Yin’s no rank scared meng, but this time is not valuable

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The fantasy journey west every day is a wonderful anecdote.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!When the old Wang Lao Wang was broadcast live, the audience let him watch the broadcast.Ha ha, last time to see the transmission of music on the Lao Wang startled, this time will be what things.Oh, my God, let go of no level.Although wang was prepared, he was shocked, but when he saw the damage and the single.He sighed again: “What a pity.The double blue word for polio has no grade.No need to be jealous no need to be jealous, this weapon will not cost more than $100,000.The ultimate dream of a player who is permanently parked at 159 is to own a level 160 weapon that is simple and unpolished.Especially a weapon like the one below, which is very well shaped and has additional stats.Needless to say, 159 players will grab it, and knives can be turned into swords.Level 160 sword is so handsome, needless to say, everyone knows it.And there are very few of them.Therefore, the price can be higher, do not worry about no one to buy.A level 130 weapon has a maximum hit rate of 630 and damage of 540.Although the following special weapon is not the physics department’s dream, but his hit and damage has been exploded to the limit.The most important thing is that it has the words “never wear out,” which makes all the difference.Players who want to play 159 can purchase this number for grinding.But xiaobian think, this weapon’s best home is to permanently stop 138 players.There are very few players at this level, but there are.