Zhang Yongzhong visited the front-line workers of Spring Festival transport

2022-05-26 0 By

Yong-zhong zhang condolences to Spring Festival transportation on January 25, a line worker, deputy director of the standing committee, city federation of trade unions chairman yong-zhong zhang, zhang, vice President of city federation of trade unions of party members, lead to the east yangquan yangquan city passenger railway station and Beijing group condolences to stick to a line worker for jobs at Spring Festival, send to 10000 yuan and 20000 yuan respectively to send warm sympathy.Zhang Yongzhong, on behalf of the City federation of Trade Unions, sent New Year’s greetings to the front-line workers who stick to the work of The Spring Festival transport, encouraged everyone to stick to their posts and serve with heart, make positive contributions to ensure the smooth and smooth travel of the masses during the Spring Festival and complete the task of the Spring Festival transport successfully, and urged everyone to do a good job in their own safety protection.Spring Festival transportation leadership group requirement for the implementation of city, in combination with the practical situation of our city labor union, city federation of trade unions has established the notice about the best Spring Festival in 2022, from strengthen epidemic prevention and control, and actively guide the worker peak travel, optimization of the front-line staff service, increase capital security, set up a leadership group to coordinate, five aspects,Trade unions at all levels are required to build a close “care network”, list special funds to send warmth during the Spring Festival transport, and actively carry out flexible and diversified activities to send warmth during the “Two Festivals” to visit and comfort front-line workers and staff at traffic junctions and checkpoints (points) to ensure the warmth of trade unions in place.City federation of trade unions of yangquan city public transportation co., LTD., yangquan city public security bureau traffic police detachment of six take on Spring Festival transportation unit directly allocated $90000 yuan of money to send warmth, used to do a good job in the first-line workers living service and welfare of all the work, where the Spring Festival is the most hard, there is “family” considerate care.Source: Ministry of Security