Zhang Hongwen, retired soldier of Huji Town, Jinxiang County: Lead the masses on the road to rural revitalization

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China Shandong network – Perception shandong March 29 news “only the villagers have a good life, I feel at ease, I will do my best to lead the masses to continue to struggle, take the road of rural revitalization, to build a beautiful and happy home.Jining City Jinxiang County Hu Ji Town Zhang Weizhuang village party branch secretary Zhang Hongwen said.Zhang Hongwen, 47 years old, is a retired soldier who joined the Communist Party of China in 1993 and retired to the village in 1999. In 2004, he joined the two committees of the village when the term was changed. Since 2007, he has been the secretary of the Party branch of Zhang Weizhuang Village, and he has been awarded the excellent Party branch secretary by the party committee of the town for many times.After returning home, he always kept in mind the mission of serving the people. When he saw the masses around him living on the land, suffering hardships and low income, he wanted to change the poor and backward face of his hometown through his own efforts, and lead the masses to become rich.Through various investigations, he chose to start his own business. Due to lack of funds, he first started small-scale pig breeding.He did while learning, assiduously study pig breeding technology, through three or four years of efforts, have their own breeding technology and sales, become well-known “swineherd”.In 2006, Zhang Hongwen earned the “first bucket of gold” in his life and began to develop pig farming on a large scale.To get rich, he did not forget the villagers. He took the initiative to find the villagers with more advanced ideas to work, and provided technology for free, hoping that they would follow his development of pig raising business. By mobilizing seven villagers began to learn from him and try a small amount of breeding.In 2008, he founded hansong Family Farm in Huji Town, Jinxiang County, transferring more than 184 mu of land, 36 mu for pig breeding, the rest for white pear melon and economic forest planting.During this period, he went out many times to learn advanced pig raising technology and experience, and then passed on to the villagers after returning home.In 2010, he led the villagers to set up jinxiang Hongwen Breeding Professional cooperative. With unified pig breeding, unified additive free feed and unified sales channel, more villagers have no worries and come to him to learn breeding technology and join the cooperative.In 2019, the village produced more than 18,000 live pigs per year, with sales revenue of 12 million yuan, profit of more than 2 million yuan, per capita income increased by more than 3,000 yuan, and 14 targeted poor households were lifted out of poverty.Zhang Weizhuang Village has become a famous rich village in the town. Zhang Hongwen’s farm and cooperative are also famous and recognized by all levels. In 2013, it was rated as “municipal Farm”, in 2015, it was rated as “Provincial Demonstration Cooperative”, and in 2019, it was rated as “Provincial Demonstration Farm”.And successively obtained the title of “municipal pollution-free circular agriculture base” and “agricultural advanced science and technology upgrading unit”.At present, the cooperative is building a breeding pig farm of 7 mu, covering an area of more than 10 mu hongwen organic fertilizer Co., Ltd. is also under construction.Villagers’ pockets, rich in economy, as the secretary of the counting hong-wen zhang and set out to improve rural living environment, through more than two years efforts, now zhang Wei Zhuang village roads clean, getting behind the house clean and tidy, environment is beautiful, the mood of the masses has become a bright and cheerful disposition, the spiritual life is also great change have taken place.