The first four-cylinder XULU Snap600 has been launched in China, with a 27-liter fuel tank costing 56,999 yuan

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Level of 150 cc scooters from the domestic market fully free-for-all atmosphere, large displacement of four cylinder motorcycle is still “rare” and it has the New Year’s bell sounded just a few days, qianjiang MOTOR was released in 2022, the first new car — Xiao 600, is the first domestic four-cylinder station models, the following will get together and see the elegant demeanour of this car.As early as last September in Chongqing Motorcycle Fair, QJMOTOR Snap600 has already met with everyone. With a mature four-cylinder engine platform, this car has attracted more attention and topics once it was unveiled.As shown in the picture, the reference price is 56,999 yuan.In terms of appearance, the snap600 continues its family-style design with symmetrical headlights, iconic beak shape, aluminum split high handlebars (for more comfortable riding triangles) and sportier fuel tank lines (27L), as well as original three-case and bar guard, fitting the position of road suVs.For power, the Snap600 is powered by a 600cc inline four-cylinder, four-stroke, 16-valve engine from Huanglong, with maximum power of 60.0kW / 11,000rpm and peak torque of 55.0n.m / 8,000rpm.Other parameters, the size of the body is 2340*880*1395mm, the wheelbase is 1460mm, the minimum clearance from the ground is 150mm, the seat height is 805mm, and the spare mass is 233kg.Configuration, the whole car LED lamps, a large area of full color LCD instrument panel, steel frame, inverted fork.For braking, dual floating front brake discs with radially mounted four-piston brake calipers, rear brakes with single disc and dual piston brake calipers, both front and rear ABS anti-lock systems.I have to say that Qianjiang this shell replacement car XIAO 600 as expected, once again caused the majority of car owners heated discussion, in addition to the advantages of the four-cylinder engine, slightly higher price and a little embarrassing positioning, can only be said to be unsatisfactory.I don’t know how you look at qian Jiang this suv?Feel free to leave a comment below.Previous wonderful: Aprilia crossover pedal: SR GT 200, bring extraordinary driving fun, 29,900 yuan from the new continent Honda exposed the new small pedal, equipped with split line engine, retro romantic style