South Koreans overestimate their national status. South Korea is the “Republic of Korea” and Korean is the official language of the United Nations

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Has South Korea become an official language of the United Nations?According to foreign media, the United Nations has unanimously adopted Korean as its official language as the Korean wave has made the number of people using Korean as the official language more than the number of people using French as the official language to reach 77 million.”The number of official languages of the United Nations has not changed, and the United Nations has not proposed a resolution to list Korean as an official language,” said a spokesman for the UN Regional Office for East and Northeast Asia.Objectively speaking, Among small and medium-sized countries, South Korea is very top, with strong economic strength, ranking 10th in the world, and is one of the few countries that developed from poverty after the Second World War.South Korea has developed science and technology and a thriving cultural industry.The Samsung group dominates, making products that consumers love and gaining a foothold in the global market.South Korean TV dramas, boy bands, music and other culture are also popular in other countries, which has become the most proud of South Koreans.There are six official languages of the United Nations: English, French, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.Spanish.You can beat Korean in any language.In order for The Korean language to go global, it cannot become an official language of the United Nations unless it takes over more land and spreads it by force.South Koreans overestimate their country’s status.South Korea is a regional power, not a world power.South Korea cannot grow into a global power in the future due to its limited size.Even Japan next door is not a world power, and South Korea cannot count on it.In fact, South Korea’s display of strength is weak.First, South Korea’s advanced technology and economic miracle are mainly the result of U.S. support.If the U.S. wants to clamp down, it can hit South Korea hard in a short time.Therefore, South Korea must listen to the U.S. in order to avoid being kicked down by the U.S.A lot of Korean traditional culture originated from China.South Korea steals Chinese culture and takes it as their own and uses it to develop cultural industries.After the rise of orthodox culture, it is bound to have an impact on South Korea’s cultural industry, and then the prosperity of South Korea’s cultural industry may be unsustainable.Some South Korean netizens call South Korea “The Republic of Korea,” which is a patriotic expression and understandable for koreans’ simple patriotism.But the term is used only by South Koreans, and people in other countries don’t think of South Korea as a great power.On the world map, Korea does not stand out. It is not the center of the world, not even the regional center.(Post/Twitter)