Pet New Year’s photos are popular among “shovelers” for Chinese New Year celebrations

2022-05-26 0 By

With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, many pet owners are taking their cats and dogs with them to welcome the Year of the Tiger in special ways as they do shopping and get together with their families.”Pet New Year’s Photos” by the vast number of “shovel poop officials” in Changchun, the cats and dogs dressed in festive costumes, took a group of super cute photos, like has become a member of their families.Gao Ming, a veteran pet photographer, has been very busy recently. Since January 18, he has been approached by his regular clients to take photos of their pets during the Spring Festival. “Last year, there were few such photos, but many pet owners wanted to take photos and asked for them.From January 18 to 30, Gao Ming photographed a total of 35 puppies and five kittens.In order to pat a festive atmosphere, he also deliberately purchased a number of sizes of pet Tang outfit, fu, small tiger figures and other props.Cats and dogs dress up, is really quite funny!The MOE is very festive.A little tiger hat on, “temperament” immediately improve;Peace and joy, “good persimmon peanuts” and other auspicious words, has also become “shovel excrement officer” people to their baby wishes.Through the way of taking photos, reflects a New Year’s expectations of pet owners.It is reported that as people’s living standards improve year by year, many pet owners are no longer limited to the simple “breeding”, but as a member of the family, not only willing to spend money on food, pet photos are also popular “poop removal officers”.Especially before the Spring Festival, the 599 yuan, 699 yuan package booking is popular.The happiness of people’s life, from this piece of pet meng photos also revealed year by year.Reporter of Jilin Daily: Han Yuhong