Huang Xiaoming baby divorces after 7 years of marriage in 13 words

2022-05-26 0 By

As the Chinese people prepare to celebrate the New Year, Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming unite the caliber of “Thanksgiving for all the past, the future is still family!”The divorce was officially announced.After the news broke, fans of Yang Ying said they will always support her and accompany her, while those of Huang Xiaoming are totally different. Some feel wronged for Huang xiaoming, believing that he has paid more for his marriage. Others congratulate Huang xiaoming on his divorce and tell him to pursue his career.However, not long ago, Yang ying was still wearing a wedding ring in public. In an interview, when talking about the New Year’s Eve dinner, Yang ying said that she would order a family reunion dinner at a restaurant and give red envelopes to Xiao Sponge. She seemed to be a happy wife and mother, which almost made people forget her marital problems with Huang Xiaoming.Recently, Yang Ying seems to be acting very deliberately, many public occasions and performances in the variety show, giving people the illusion that she and Huang Xiaoming are not separated at all, and their relationship is good.I have to say that Yang Ying is not very professional in acting, but this wave of publicity is quite good.Now think of Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying’s “wedding of the century” in 2015, it was really a joke, wasted so much money on Huang Xiaoming, by 2019, the relationship between the two seems to have problems, so far there is no break in the rumors about their divorce.But unlike other couples, neither of them came out to explain or respond as they had agreed, allowing rumors to spread freely, and their marriage owed only an official announcement.Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying are in marriage no matter who occupied who cheap, but since the composition of a family, must also have paid sincerely, just choose to leave because of a variety of reasons, since do not like, divorce is also a kind of extrication to each other, za said the other are floating clouds, Huang Xiaoming or do business well!After seven years of marriage, huang Xiaoming is divorcing her husband in 13 words.