Have you ever been to this old western-style classical building on the bund?

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The famous old buildings of Shanghai’s Bund complex impress visitors with their size and location, including a western-style classical building that doesn’t look particularly grand on the outside, but has no less history and architecture.Today, let’s have a look at it — The China Foreign Exchange Trade Center Building.The building itself covers an area of 1460 square meters, with a construction area of about 5000 square meters. It is a neo-classical Renaissance style and was completed in 1902.The building is a 3 – storey (partial 5 – storey) masonry reinforced concrete mixed structure building.The structure is supported by solid brick walls, floors with i-steel ribs, filled concrete, and Windows with lightweight brick arches.The foundation part of the building did not use pile foundation, but used sand cushion foundation and raft foundation, which was not common in Shanghai at that time.The carved iron gate building is exquisitely decorated, with the main gate as the central axis to form a symmetrical structure. The bottom layer of the external wall is built with Suzhou granite, white glazed brick and granite inlaid, and the tone is harmonious.The ground floor has 4 window, the door is carved iron door.The third floor of the central hall is covered by a painted glass ceiling, while the second and third floors are surrounded by delicate and elegant painted glass cloisters.A symmetrical white marble staircase in the lobby leads to the second floor.All floors upstairs are made of eucalyptus wood.The inner wall of the second floor also has exquisite figures in relief.Although the building is only three floors, but also equipped with an elevator, is Shanghai earlier configuration of the elevator building.The building used to be the centralized office of Shanghai’s democratic parties.In 1993, the building was renovated.In April 1994, China Foreign Exchange Trade Center was established and solemnly opened here, and the building became the office of the institution.In 2009, THE China Foreign Exchange Trade Center repositioned the building to provide services, exhibition and disaster preparedness.The exterior facade of the restored building is basically well preserved, but the west facade and south facade have a certain impact due to the historical overlap and expansion of the auxiliary building, which has also become the focus of this restoration.The restoration team restored the facade based on historical photographs and understanding of the historical building itself, combined with the remaining traces on site.However, some parts cannot be restored to their original state due to the limitations of functional use, such as aluminum alloy double-layer hollow glass Windows, three-layer facade corridors are still closed, etc.In the history of the Bund, the road has undergone many road reconstruction and the settlement of the building body, so it is common for the pavement to be higher than the indoor floor elevation in the middle shandong Road where old buildings are concentrated.Building facade column feet are often buried below the pavement, resulting in the building entrance on both sides of the Tuscan column proportions.In the repair process, the construction staff will chisel the pavement, gradually exposed the original granite step elevation.At the same time, through stepping adjustment, adding drainage ditches, adding buried lights and flood lighting combined design and repair, so as to recomb the height difference relationship along the entrance of the Bund smoothly, exposing the column feet of the original column, improving the proportion of its facade.2 sculpture repair cornice lower figure figure considering that the bottom of the cornice can not be fixed from the inside pull TAB, can only be hanging, so the use of composite materials, external imitation stone coating spraying.Due to the retention of historical photos from different angles and the chiseled marks left in the present situation, the contour size of the human face can be accurately determined, so it can be restored more accurately.Heart surface of golem coupon window and portrait sculpture statues from the historical photos, by dry Angle, photographic distance relationship, it is difficult to distinguish clearly.According to the opinions of experts for many times, the wooden carving of human face on the top of the west wall cabinet in room 301 was adopted.In 1993, a large number of equipment and pipelines were added in the renovation of the interior, so the elevation under the original ceiling dropped a lot. The biggest work of this renovation was to rearrange the equipment and pipelines to expose the original ceiling and restore the historical space.The restoration project lasted for nearly four years and presented to the public a building that is full of history and meets the needs of today.The carved iron gate of the gate is exquisite and gorgeous. The Tuscan double columns on both sides of the gate and the mountain flowers on the top are elegant and delicate, which are the essence of the whole building facade.The interior hall of the building is three floors high and covered with painted glass ceiling. The second and third floors are surrounded by delicate and elegant painted glass cloisters.The Green Mailboat Building was completed in 1922.The building has 7 floors on the ground (local 8 floors), with a total construction area of about 13,000 square meters.The main entrance is located at no. 2 Beijing East Road, and the east entrance is No. 28 Zhongshan First Road.It is now Shanghai Clearing House.The building started in 1921 and was completed in June 1923 with a construction area of 23415 square meters. The whole building is a steel frame structure.The colorful Mosaic patterns in the octagonal foyer of the building are impressive.Address: shandong in huangpu district 12 hours all the way: 09:00 every day – 16:00 (building external open all day, only for internal business can enter) recommended Asia travel around the building to the building of Shanghai pudong development bank, the China foreign exchange trading center to the peace hotel, building, yi feng building green liner (sliding view more) information:Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com