Beijing move what feng shui pay attention to?What is the custom of moving in Beijing?

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Beijing move what feng shui pay attention to?What is the custom of moving in Beijing?I dare to say that every place on the earth of China about how much will some pay attention to and customs, but the customs of each place is different, pay attention to different, so Beijing move what feng shui pay attention to and customs?1, the bedroom bedroom in the process of moving can be said to be the first important, because the time in the home is a long time in the bedroom, and the bedroom is the most prosperous, pay attention to the most, feng shui on other places don’t say, pay attention to too much in the bedroom.You can choose an auspicious day to put the bed in the auspicious position, can increase the fortune of the whole family, and even promote the emotion of the person.Also pay attention to the placement of items, a little careless will cause a bad impact on our body and life.2 kitchen, the kitchen is the second most important in the process of moving, but sleep at home, we are cooking time is long, whoever cooking is more, are the main, this may determine the health status of the family, the other kitchen items put is very exquisite, besides convenient take notice safety, the kitchen also notice clean, good feng shui is to hide the wind to get together gas,It’s not a filth.3, study more people could not set the study in the home, you can also learn about, especially behind with the children, the children learn can also be seen as a study, the study represents the wenchang, desk position on his throne, and to ensure that the ventilation, to ensure a child improve school, the family business will also be improved.