As beautiful as a flower, she married three husbands in her life, including her nephew

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Now we know the history of The Three Kingdoms period basically through the book Romance of The Three Kingdoms.However, some of the characters in this book are fictional and do not exist in history. To understand the real history of The Three Kingdoms, we still need to open historical materials.During The Three Kingdoms period, the most famous military advisors were cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu, who were all well-known heroes of The Three Kingdoms.But the troubled times produced heroes not only male heroes, female heroes are everywhere.For example, Diao Chan, one of the four Beauties of China, is famous for her beauty, but she is a fictional character.In the real history of The Three Kingdoms, there was a woman more famous than Diao Chan. She was Sun Lu Ban, the daughter of Sun Quan.Sun Luban, the beloved daughter of sun Quan, does not appear much in The Romance of The Three Kingdoms, so she is not very impressive to everyone. However, when it comes to preventing Sun Quan from making Sun He the crown prince, it is estimated that everyone can think of her.She is the eldest daughter of Sun Quan, and enjoys her father’s love.Her mother was a master of walking, who had been brought into sun Quan’s harem because of her beauty and was favored by sun Quan. Later, Walking had two daughters, Sun Luban and Sun Luyu.Although Sun Quan did not have a queen, the position of the bulian master in the harem was equivalent to that of the queen. By virtue of their mother’s favor, the two princesses were also favored by Sun Quan, especially Sun Luban.Sun Luban was clever as a child, and when she grew up, she inherited her mother’s beauty and became the greatest beauty in Eastern Wu. At that time, there were many people who wanted to marry her. However, as the eldest princess of Sun Quan, the marriage should not be hasty.In The Three Kingdoms period, Kings and advisors were interdependent, just as Cao Cao had Xun Yu, Liu Bei had Zhuge Liang, and Sun Quan had Zhou Yu.A country without a counselor on the battlefield is equal to the courage of an ordinary man, so the counselor and the king are extremely important.The best way for Sun Quan to win over Zhou Yu was to marry him. The two families were attached to each other.Therefore, Sun Quan thought of Zhou Yu’s daughter at the first time when choosing the crown princess for Sun Deng.But this was not enough. He also married Sun Lu Ban to Zhou Xun, The eldest son of Zhou Yu.Since then, the Sun family and the Zhou family have become intertwined.Although sun Luban and Zhou Xun were married politically, they got along well with each other after marriage.Zhou Xun also by virtue of the son-in-law of the identity of Sun Quan was awarded as the car riding commander, Zhou Xun has the elegant demeanour of zhou Yu so get Sun Quan’s love.But the good times did not last long, Zhou Xun gang married Sun Luban shortly after the early death.The young widowhood of Sun Lu Ban was not willing to end his life, and later she was attracted to just promoted to wei general, was given to xuzhou cong cong.After Sun Lu Ban married Quan Cong, the couple had a loving time.Quan Cong, like Sun Lu Ban, is married for the second time. He and his ex-wife have two children named Quan Xu and Quan Send.After marriage with Sun Luban, she had two sons, Quan Yi and Quan Wu.Quan Cong character is very good, and the court officials get along well and he is also good at strategizing this much sun Quan love.The rewards sun Quan gave to his family every year were continuous all the year round, so that the family could be said to be extremely honored.But with the death of the walking trainer, the direction of the weather vane also began to turn frequently.Although Sun Luban was married outside, his husband and sons were still serving in the court.After his mother’s death, Sun Quan intended to make Lady Wang his empress, because her son Sun Deng was the crown prince.However, Sun Lu Ban smelled a danger, because she was always at odds with The king’s wife. If she became the queen, her family would certainly suffer a lot. Therefore, Sun Lu Ban tried his best to prevent Sun Quan from appointing her as the queen.A few years later, When Crown Prince Sun Deng died young, Sun Quan appointed Sun He crown prince.Sun He was also the son of Lady Wang. Sun Luban was afraid that sun He would be resentful of her for preventing Lady Wang from enthroning the throne and bring trouble to her family. Therefore, she persuaded her courtiers to oppose the appointment of Sun He as crown prince.Sun Lu Ban knew that Sun Ba, king of Lu, was not on good terms with Sun He, so he asked his courtiers to support Sun Ba.But Sun Quan always wanted to appoint Sun He, so that they could not succeed.Once Sun Quan was seriously ill, so sun He was sent to the Ancestral temple to offer sacrifices.At that time, Sun and his younger brother Sun Xiu lived near the Ancestral temple, so he invited Sun He to their home to reminisce about old times.This was just sun Luban’s eyeliner to see, so she came into the palace to tell Sun Quan, she said sun and not ancestral temple sacrifice, but ran to the concubine’s home plot, also said Lady Wang heard Sun Quan seriously ill when the face beaming.Under this, Sun Quan believed and found Mrs. Wang to scold.Soon after, Lady Wang died of depression, and Sun He was gradually left out in the cold by Sun Quan. Sun Lu Ban succeeded in drawing sun He into the water.At that time, Sun Lu Ban proposed to Sun Quan that sun Liang, his youngest son, be the crown prince.Sun Quan was also very fond of Sun Liang, so he followed Sun Luban’s advice.Adultery with nephew Sun Liang was set as prince also calculated the heart of sun Lu Ban, in order to consolidate their own forces, she will be the daughter of the full cong nephew quan Shang married Sun Liang, let the two married.Quan shang’s daughter was intelligent, beautiful and considerate. Sun Luban often took her to the palace and praised her in front of Sun Quan. He also advised Sun Quan to marry her to Sun Liang.After the death of Sun Quan, Sun Liang succeeded to the throne, quan Shang’s daughter also became the queen, since the Cong a people in the court is special treatment.First, Jeon Sang was appointed commander of the Shing Mun Garrison and General Taechang Wei, and was given the title of General Yeongpyeong Hou leading the government.Later, After the clan zhugeke was killed, Sun Jun took his place in the imperial dictatorship, at that time, many ministers felt he was a disaster, but Sun Jun has the protection of princess Sun Luban, so the people dare to anger and dare not speak.Sun Jun’s sister was the wife of Quan Shang, so she had frequent private contacts with Sun Luban.At first, the two helped each other as in-laws, but after Chun Cong’s death, their relationship became more delicate.Sun Jun also helped Sun Luban to do a lot of evil things in private. One of them was to move the dethroned prince Sun He to his new residence. Later, because Zhuge Ke planned to appoint Sun He as emperor in private, which violated the interests of Sun Luban, Sun Jun put Sun He to death.The other is that Sun Yi plotted to kill Sun Jun, but the news leaked and Sun Yi committed suicide.Sun Luban took the opportunity to say that Sun Luyu and Sun Yi were conspirators, and sun Jun killed Sun Luyu.Although Sun Luban and Sun Luyu were sisters of their mother’s compatrix, they had different opinions on the matter of disenthroning Sun He, so they had a quarrel. Therefore, Sun Luban got rid of his sister by the hand of Sun Jun.Sun Jun also took advantage of the opportunity to work for Sun Luban to flatter her, and later they even developed a lover relationship.From the point of view of generation, Sun Jun should be regarded as the nephew of Sun Lu Ban, it can be seen that she did not spare the nephew.However, after Sun Jun’s death, his younger brother Sun 綝 took control of the government, and finally the relationship with Sun Liang gradually deteriorated. Sun Luban was also killed by Sun 綝 in the struggle for royal power.As the eldest daughter of Sun Quan, Sun Luban enjoyed great wealth and wealth. She also had power in both the government and the opposition, and was richer than many people in her private life, which made her one of the legendary women in The Three Kingdoms Period.