What’s so different about eating Naren in the land of Tianma

2022-05-25 0 By

Zhaosu, Xinjiang province, has just been on the stage of the Winter Olympic Games because of its beautiful scenery, dominating three scenes in the countdown to the 24 solar terms.Na ren horse meat, mutton is generally selected as raw materials, in particular, autumn taste better cooked in broth belt noodles soup with surface after pouring in, sprinkle some Onions meat on top and tastes very fragrant and clinking zhao su has a reputation for “the hometown of tianma” horseflesh, ren is zhao su has a long history of food today recommend this dish horse meat, ren marketer “talents” is using apple branch smoked horse meat a long timeFor 48 hours in the horse meat thick texture with a light faint scent bite, fragrant noodles the lips of the flat can highlight the horse horse meat smell the aroma of meat itself slow permeate into the noodles is complement each other, both formed jointly constitute the horse meat, benevolence, the name of a traditional delicacy delicious restaurant tip: milk tea house restaurant, so the cover address:226-End, Health Street, Zhaosu Town, Zhaosu County