What is your wechat signature?

2022-05-25 0 By

I can laugh and listen to your reason, or turn my face and tell you what the rules are.When I don’t care about you, then you can leave my sight.I am not good to you because you are really good, I want to be good to you.Mind you, don’t talk to me like that.Don’t miss the gift because of some garbage.You’ve missed the best time to sweeten me.Don’t talk about what responsibility, action is the truth.What’s the use of saying I love you?Ten thousand words of nonsense is not as good as an action.I hope you come with sunshine, so I can have the whole universe.Requirements are not high, you are good.Those who can be cured by time are willing to cross over.Romantic age don’t live so boring.Life is not to travel, but to enjoy the beauty of life.Sunrise and sunset, three or five friends, is also a small fortunate life.In order to look forward to the next goodbye, I am full of miss.