The choice of major, what matters needing attention

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What are the common problems in choosing a technical major?Abroad in recent years, with the trend to study abroad in Australia children more and more, let the teacher found that plan to apply for studying in Australia, in view of the students, technical professional choice is critical, because if professional can choose suitable for the students of the college students’ future employment and development trend of the main factor that can bring very big problem a:Australian university undergraduate study abroad for two years?Undergraduate technical majors in Australian universities can be divided into 6 categories and 30 subcategories.The six categories are literature and history, business majors, laws and regulations, science and engineering, engineering and medicine.Australian universities are divided into three years, four years, five years and six years.Most colleges and universities have 3 years of undergraduate major, including culture and Media, humanities, Lexicology, Finance and Accounting, international Business, social economics, hotel Management services, environmental and Ecological Engineering, social sciences, electronic computers, design programs and medical care, etc.Four-year undergraduate programs include cultural education, psychological knowledge, social work, law and regulation, engineering projects, accurate measurement, and pharmacology.5-year university undergraduate programs include dental pharmacy and veterinary medicine;The clinical medicine program is a 6-year technical program.Question two: establish their own advantages, enter the major can successfully graduate from university?Successful completion of the undergraduate program in Australian universities requires students to have strong professional knowledge and skills, including professional skills, English proficiency, mathematical thinking ability and other work skills.If English level is very strong, but ability of mathematical thinking job is weaker, enter liberal arts kind major or law major can learn from each other;If the English level and mathematical thinking work ability is general or better, into the business will be suitable;If English level is general, mathematical thinking work ability is stronger, so enter electronic computer or engineering major to be met very have advantage.Question 3: Does the entry of technical majors qualify for skilled immigration?According to the way of studying abroad and then applying for Singapore, it is called “Skilled immigration to Australia”.The Australian Civil Affairs Bureau released a new list of skilled jobs (separate skilled migration category), a total of 192 jobs, in this kind of jobs the Chinese Communist Party has nine categories of immigration investment overseas study technical majors.The general liberal arts majors of immigrant investment include early childhood education, middle school teacher and social work, etc.Immigration investment business includes financial accounting, financial audit and actuary, etc.Accurate measurement technology of immigration and investment includes accurate measurement of quantity, measurement and drawing, etc.Immigration and investment engineering majors include applied chemistry, architecture, electrical, electronic technology, material engineering, mechanical automation, mining engineering, etc.Immigration and investment software engineering majors include program flow analysis, software development and structural analysis, etc.Immigration and investment architecture majors include engineering architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning, etc.The immigrant investment medical category includes dentists, doctors and nurses, occupational acupuncture therapy, general practitioners and pet doctors, etc.Question 4: Career development planning, are you interested in your chosen technical major?Whether you are interested in the corresponding or closely related positions of a technical major is also the main factor in choosing a technical major.For example, students majoring in accounting will be accountants or CERTIFIED public accountants after graduation, and the related positions include investment analysts, tax agents, etc.It is easy to get a sense of superiority and satisfaction if you can enter your favorite technical major and work in your favorite position.The key factors that harm professional values are colorful, such as my temperament, family situation, diploma environment and so on.If the student does not know their professional values, try the professional values talent assessment tool on Internet technology.Question 5: Career prospects, is it easier to find a job after graduating from university?From the perspective of job opportunities, for Chinese undergraduate students in Australia, if they want to find jobs in Australia, technology-intensive positions (such as financial accounting, technical engineer, software engineering) provide more working hours.For positions with intensive management methods or communication, there is usually a high threshold in terms of cultural characteristics and English communication and coordination ability. It is difficult for Chinese students to compete with Japanese students or other international students in the market.In terms of salary, engineering and computer science majors have the highest starting salaries.Question 6: What is the development prospect of the industry and the development direction of the field of technical specialty?From the perspective of attributes, some undergraduate technical majors have no clear field, such as accounting and software engineering.After graduation, students majoring in accounting can work in accounting firms, but also in all fields and all companies in financial work, so it is more difficult for a depression in one field to immediately endanger the employment of students majoring in that type of technology.Some undergraduate technical majors have a clear field, such as hotel management services, finance, etc., and the index of the field will also harm the employment of students who enter this major.To learn more