Snow road slippery disabled people to buy vegetables into a problem, Changzhou city management initiative sent rice rape

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Yangtse Evening News network On February 7 (correspondent Chen Qi reporter Guo Jingyu) On February 7, Changzhou ushered in the first year of the Tiger snow, for the first working day after the Spring Festival travel brought a lot of inconvenience.Changzhou Tianning District city management administrative law enforcement brigade to snow as the order, the first time to organize personnel to the area of the main and secondary roads, bridge culverts, pedestrian roads and other key areas, through manual snow clearing, laying anti-skid straw mat, throwing snow melt agent and other ways to carry out snow removal and ice work.By 17:00, 980 people had been dispatched to sweep 167 roads, scatter 38 tons of snowmelt agent and lay more than 1,400 straw MATS.According to reports, Changzhou Tianning District city management administrative law enforcement brigade Lanling squadron members of the use of unmanned aerial vehicle snow patrol, fill the blind spot of human inspection, to ensure a more comprehensive grasp of the snow and ice situation, for the follow-up to carry out snow removal and deicing work to provide guidance.Snow road slippery, out of the vehicle significantly reduced, a female driver because the vehicle broke down at a loss on the side of the road, law enforcement team Gu Hao Xue, Yang Baoyu out patrol after, took the initiative to help, with law enforcement vehicles with a wire to help the female driver to restart the car.It is worth mentioning that the roads are slippery on snowy days, making it difficult for the elderly and disabled families to go out and buy vegetables.Ma Yunwei and Bai Jie, who live in Room 101, unit E, Taoyuan New Village, 15, are both disabled.Tianning city tube law enforcement brigade branch of the party members the first time to purchase rice, oil, vegetables and other materials, sent to their homes, for them to solve the difficulties of life.Proofreading Su Yun