Hunan Embroidery “Flock of Chickens” won the “Mountain Flower Prize” of Chinese Folk Art

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China sound online February 17 news (reporter Xie Tianyi) a chicken amazingly present in the eyes, dynamic each different, lifelike.It’s hard to imagine that these lively and cute chickens are made from a single stitch.The result of the 15th Chinese Folk Art “Mountain Flower Award” was announced recently. This hunan embroidery work “Flock of Chickens”, selected by hunan Federation of Literary and art and Hunan Association of Folk Writers and Artists, won the highest award of Chinese folk art — “Mountain Flower Award”.This is also hunan province after 7 years, won the mountain flower award again, is the “mountain Flower award” folk arts and crafts award embroidery category is the only winning work.Wu Jianmei, the master of Hunan embroidery, is the author of “Flock of Chickens” of Hunan embroidery.Wu jianmei is director of Chinese Folk Artists Association and vice chairman of Hunan Folk Artists Association.Having been engaged in the inheritance of Hunan embroidery for more than 40 years, Wu Jianmei has grown from a rural embroidery girl to an excellent non-inheritor at the provincial level.Now, she is a cultural celebrity of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China and a talent in the “Four Batch”, whose works have been collected by the Palace Museum, the National Museum of China and other units.Previously, Wu jianmei has won the 8th, 10th and 11th Chinese Folk Art “Mountain Flower Award”, this is the fourth time wu jianmei has won this award.Wu jianmei told reporters today that the Chinese people have been using the chicken as a mascot since ancient times.The chicken is called “De fowl”.According to a biography of Han Poetry, a chicken has five virtues: wen, wu, yong, benevolence and faithfulness.This picture “group of chickens” to auspicious as the ideological connotation, to advocate “;Five DE & quot;For the idea.The performance of the group of chicken heroic posture, but also reflects the harmony of the peaceful scene.”When I was creating, I carefully studied hunan embroidery, studied the combination of color and silk thread, and found inspiration for artistic expression from nature and life.”WuJianMei introduction, flexible use of acupuncture, she USES the needle, needle, needle and mixed needle, qi, such as a variety of stitch, breakthrough coloring formality, bold innovation, coloring, clever apply multiple hue, hundreds of kinds of levels change silk embroider line, color is rich, brilliant fitting for, stitch and lively, so that the whole painting sense performance incisively and vividly, yi yi is unripe brightness.