A lottery in Luoyang for two consecutive days of betting the same number, happy happy 8 prize 3 million yuan

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Dahe Daily video reporter Cheng Feihu correspondent Wang Long Wentu tiger year just opened, Luoyang lucky spread good news!On the evening of February 9, happy 8 2022030 lottery lottery, Luoyang one lottery people xi “choose nine nine” first prize, 10 times the cumulative harvest bonus of 3 million yuan, the award from the Chanhe River District Hengda Oasis 41030057 Lucky lottery betting station, this is the beginning of the Tiger, Luoyang city lucky lottery market out of the first million prize.”I was so excited, I was jumping for joy at the start of the New Year!”Talking about the mood of the site in the prize, site owner Li Sihe smiled from ear to ear.It is understood that Li Sihe operating lucky lottery betting site for nearly five years, the store usually opened hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of yuan of awards, but a ticket opened 3 million awards, this is the first time.Li Sihe introduced, the grand prize winner Mr. Chen (alias) is an old lottery people, often to the site to buy lottery tickets.On February 8, the day the market opened, Mr. Chen came to the site through the machine to buy a group of happy 8 number, that night after the lottery only won dozens of yuan.At 11:00 a.m. on The 9th, Mr. Chen came to the site to redeem the prize, again bought the previous day’s number.To our surprise, the numbers won $3 million that night.”When lottery people do not know how to choose the number, in fact, ‘seat number’ is also a method.”Li sihe said.On the afternoon of February 11, the staff of Luoyang Lucky Lottery Center came to the betting station to present the “lucky betting station” plaque to Li Sihe.The reporter sees in the scene, rainbow door gao li, gong and drum team ring knock, the arrival of the prize makes this area only more than 10 square meters of the site becomes lively and extraordinary.Not only nearby neighbors to see the excitement, even some never met lottery people also made a special trip to indulge in joy.Happiness 8, Luoyang good news!The reporter learned that as early as January 14, 2021, Luoyang City Luogang Road 41030276 Lucky betting station, once with a single 2 yuan “choose ten” ticket xi won 5 million prize, won the “happy 8″ listed in Henan since the first bet jackpot.”Happy 8 has attracted the attention and love of lottery users since it was listed in Luoyang. The game has been selling well on the site and winning the lottery.”Li Sihe introduced, happiness 8 a total of 10 kinds of gameplay, every day lottery, and return rate is high, has become the mainstream of the site lottery people play.”After the station opened the grand prize, these two days there are many new faces into the shop to buy happy 8 lottery tickets, everyone’s enthusiasm is mobilized.”