When the Spring Festival is going on

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Workers daily reporter client Chang-yun Chen correspondent Liu Min on February 7, in harvest gold medal games players for carmakers, closed off after the Spring Festival, but for China railway SuiDaoJu water diversion project in yunnan Dali 1 paragraph 4 the project intends to such a group of people, “false” this two word is redundant, “we are in the New Year’s day on site, we don’t have a holiday, the concept of false.”4 the project working committee secretary Du Zhongqiu told our reporter, the largest and most grand festival of the year is Spring Festival family reunion from all directions, “but for 4 mark worker, their loved ones is mutual left-behind site construction workers themselves as usual, they are the joy of New Year’s eve is accompanied with sunrise sunset valley in the wilderness of rose, just than usual,A few more dishes have been added to the canteen.”On the first day of the lunar New Year, in the hospital of the project Department, people were bustling and lively, and the project department prepared a rich cultural and sports activities “package” for the brothers of migrant workers left behind.Du Zhongqiu said that this was the staff of the remaining site celebrating the New Year, “brothers have worked hard all year, moderate relax, our construction unit unlike other units, during the Spring Festival holiday still need staff to stay, to ensure the safety of the project site, to ensure the smooth resumption of work.””Come on, come on…”The deafening shouts of the project can be heard far away. This is a tug of war competition. The atmosphere on the spot is tense and exciting.In addition to the tug-of-war competition, the project department also organized many activities, such as two-person, three-legged, ring, draw me guess, billiards and so on, which made the remaining staff at the site feel the full taste of The New Year and forget the slight depression caused by the special work.”Ring, billiards, tug-of-war these activities every Spring Festival, combined with the cultural psychology of the New Year, but also to let everyone add the flavor of the New Year.”Du said.Annual lunar calendar, the project manager king was completely into the work state, his organization system department to start safe hidden trouble of tomorrow on the big screen, respectively, a hole in the work area, no. 1 in qin river qin river 2 holes in the work area and import safety problems to carry out the work area of each working face to people, and personally follow up one by one, busy did not end at 6 PM…On the third day of the New Year, Zhou Bo, chief engineer of the project machinery, visited the local migrant workers (winch workers) who returned to work with the New Year gift. Meanwhile, the four sets of inclined shaft rail transport winch lifting system of the project were all in normal operation.On the third day of the New Year, no. 1 inclined well starts work, and on the fourth day of the New Year, no. 2 inclined well starts work.”In order to ensure the timely completion of the construction node, the lining operation of the intersection of Qinhe No.1 branch hole began on the third day”.Qu Huaping, the leader of the squad, was busy directing the workers to bind the reinforcing bar. He had not been home for the Spring Festival for two years. “I miss my family very much, but I can’t walk…”On the fourth day of the New Year, in accordance with the requirements of the local government’s epidemic prevention and control measures, the Project Office issued notification letters to those waiting to return to their posts.The fifth day of the year, the sixth day, the seventh day, returned to the staff arrived.