“Warm Holiday 2” set file, Liu Tao Chen he starring, laugh comedy, northeast ice and snow taste

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On February 6th, the TV series “Warm Holiday 2” was officially announced. From the evening of February 7th, iQiyi and Tencent Video were officially launched to meet the netizens across the country.The TV series, which focuses on the happy atmosphere of the Spring Festival, has entered the stage of preparing to go online since years ago, but has not been able to determine its schedule.This time, finally in the Spring Festival after the first day of construction, to achieve online and audience meet.The drama, starring Liu Tao and Chen He, is a typical Spring Festival comedy.It is also well understood about the issue of the on-line schedule.There are only two good times when this kind of TV series featuring the happy atmosphere of Spring Festival goes online.The first good time is around the off-year.This period, a week before the Spring Festival, allows TV dramas to fully ferment their story content, thus serving as a backdrop during the Spring Festival.Spring Festival, the year of the Tiger, is dominated by the Country Love series.Other platforms did not fight, presumably to avoid “vicious competition” between platforms.The other is after the Spring Festival holiday and before the Lantern Festival.There may be netizens asked, the Spring Festival online, for network drama, isn’t it better?Not really.Online during the Spring Festival, for network drama, is very at a loss.This time period, there are CCTV Spring Festival Gala and the SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala countless, the ratings of these parties are very strong, a large number of audiences, netizens are siphoned into the content of these parties to go.Moreover, the parties are all star-studded, which can’t be compared to the TV series.In addition, the Spring Festival cinema, has always been strong, network drama must choose to avoid.So, for Warm Holiday 2, the choice of the first night after the launch of the broadcast, is simply the most sensible schedule.One week after the start of construction, Chinese people still have the traditional custom of celebrating the Spring Festival until the Lantern Festival.In such a festive day, the main Spring Festival joy atmosphere of the TV series, is bound to have a broad audience.It is worth noting that the first “warm Holiday”, had premiered in Beijing SATELLITE TV, the audience rating effect was relatively general, but then the strength is more fierce.The audience rating of the first movie was only 6.0 points, which was considered not funny enough, and the content of the story did not hurt the audience. It was just fun for the sake of fun.Maybe because the first drama’s audience rating is relatively average, so the second part chose to broadcast directly on the network.”Holiday warm 2″ has now announced the synopsis, everyone a glimpse: another year winter, “drifting” frustrated sister Cheng Shu operation home stay facility face collapse, heaven make a block booking for large ex-boyfriend Du Zheng was found to be star, with Michelin chef dream Liao Ran was the wife of shop-owner pull top up fill holes, three people leads to the period between the emotional ups and downs.Cheng Man, the sister of a strong woman in venture capital, was in Shanghai, preparing to take her daughter to Sanya for the Spring Festival, but she flew back to her hometown in northeast China by a strange coincidence.Kong Lingqi, the founder of the company intended to save enterprise financing, also followed Cheng Man to the northeast, to change cheng man’s mind.Through twists and turns, 2 people finally thaw past grudges.My niece Cheng Miao, who is about to graduate, went home for the Spring Festival and let off steam by skiing alone. She strayed into the field of uav speed racing and accidentally met Ma Boyuan, a master of UAV.Ma Boyuan found that the girl has an extraordinary talent, at the same time the mind collision produced a special emotion.This land of the north, full of humanity, melts the ice in people’s hearts with its unique warmth, and finds their life goals for people who come here with their own reasons.The synopsis is a bit convoluted, but in a word, the stars take their roles in the drama and head to the frozen northeast for another hilarious trip.”Warm holiday” first, is to go to the south of the sea, the second part, it is to the northeast of the motherland.It is estimated that there will be a third part in the future, which should be to the northwest of the motherland for the New Year.For this comedy series, the story seems to be not that important. What really makes some viewers addicted to it is the various funny characters in the plot.Judging from the trailer for Warm Holiday 2, the mood is definitely upbeat.In particular, Chen He and Liu Tao, the two protagonists, is simply in the TV work said crosstalk, Chen He role continues to tease Liu Tao role, and Liu Tao role is the way to tease younger sister “not cold”, the two people eventually staged is middle-aged sweet pet drama mode.Yang L, Zhang Jiani, Cheng Xiao, Ni Ping, Ni Dahong, Jiang Chao and many other actors are playing important roles in the series.This comedy big platter, estimate can satisfy audience comedy taste buds.Based on the data of the first part of “Warm Holiday”, the audience rating of the second part may still not be too high. After all, the threshold of comedy TV series is very high, and many actors are unable to control the comedy performance.However, due to the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the final broadcast results of this TV series should be very dazzling.(By Ma Qingyun)