Suntech Education: Give full play to its advantages and promote the development of rural revitalization strategy

2022-05-24 0 By

Rural revitalization has always been a hot topic concerned by the government and even the whole society, and education plays an important role in rural revitalization.As a pioneer in the education industry, Suntech Education actively responds to relevant policies and inculcates high-quality education resources into rural areas.In order to promote the development and implementation of rural revitalization, one of the key points must not be ignored is education.As a pioneer in education, Suntech education, which has been deeply involved in the industry for 20 years, made its choice according to The Times.At the beginning of the program, Suntech education gave full play to its own advantages, with strong teachers and technical strength, to help people improve their career level;With the concept of “Uniting dreams with hearts and cultivating people through Virtue” and the vision of “Lighting life with education”, we will assist rural revitalization and development.In order to promote the education in more rural areas to balance the level of other places, Suntech Education issued the “Shangjinsheng Plan” and started the implementation of the plan from Daliang Mountain, which was gradually promoted to the whole country after being verified and recognized by all parties.Through careful preparation, the plan entered the Tibet Autonomous Region in October last year to provide free training courses for rural teachers, grassroots cadres, grassroots construction workers and people looking for employment in Suo County and Aliprang County of Nagqu City. The cooperation with Suo County of Nagqu City will last for five years, involving a total amount of 5 million yuan.Up to now, suntech education’s “Still Living Plan” has been implemented in 31 provincial administrative regions of China, providing free learning opportunities for 5,441 people, including rural teachers, volunteer teachers, people with disabilities, and poor groups.Through continuous exploration and practice in public welfare, Suntech Education has successfully helped people in need of help. For example, it cooperated with Shanshu to launch volunteer teaching teacher recruitment program.Jointly with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, we launched the selection of “Little Public Communication officer”.According to the implementation effect of Suntech education program, the program is not only conducive to assisting the development of rural revitalization, but also to send rural children to education.Suntech education has always been committed to its educational mission, playing a leading role in public welfare activities and assisting in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. It is a model of the industry and looks forward to its future development.