Jiangsu continues to make great efforts to promote the high-quality development of green buildings

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To promote the high-quality development of green buildings is an important measure to promote the peak carbon neutrality in jiangsu construction field.According to the Housing and Construction Department of Jiangsu Province, in 2021, the proportion of newly built green buildings in the province’s cities and towns will reach 99%, and the accumulated green building area will exceed 900 million square meters.5,416 green building evaluation and identification projects, accounting for more than 20% of the country;We raised the energy efficiency standards for new residential buildings from 65 percent to 75 percent, and energy-efficient buildings totaled 2.3 billion square meters, or 63.3 percent of the total existing urban buildings.A total of 38 projects won national Green Building Innovation Awards, accounting for 16.2% of the total number of national green building innovation Awards.The province has accumulated 9 national ecological garden cities, the number of which ranks first in China.Jiangsu Vocational College of Urban and Rural Construction Nanjing Dingjia Village Social Security Housing Nanjing Garden Expo Garden a series of figures highlight the remarkable results of jiangsu urban and rural construction green development, rows of green building demonstration projects to let the people through the real sense of green livable environment.Jiangsu Vocational College of Urban and Rural Construction uses more than 50 green building technologies to create a green campus and a sponge campus, and integrates green design concepts and green construction practices into professional textbooks, making the school a base for on-site teaching.Nanjing Dingjiazhuang Affordable Housing is the first large residential area of affordable housing in China that comprehensively promotes green building, integrates the application of prefabricated building, sponge community BIM technology and other technologies, and adopts a variety of green and low-carbon practices.Best originality of nanjing garden show park, mountain quarrying legacy down mouth for ecological restoration, through landscape remaking, mine for park, garden, instead of down my mouth for increasing green plant area of more than 2.54 million square meters, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Cui Kai design “in the future garden”, use of modern technical structure shaped mine on modern “sea of clouds”,With a variety of plants in the bottom to build a colorful open ecological garden, creating a wonderful green mood.In strengthening the new construction of the development of the green at the same time, continue to promote urban renewal in jiangsu, in promoting the old campus in the process of transformation and the historical and cultural protection work, built a batch of existing buildings green energy-saving renovation project, nanjing egrets in the process of new countryside in the old village transformation, synchronous implementation of the green residential renovation, after transforming of 50% energy saving standards,More than 98% of residents have been praised.Service center of nanjing area LiShui hole village, for the people in vigorously promoting the development of urban green building at the same time, jiangsu is committed to promoting the construction of green village farmhouse and green building green ecological livable beautiful countryside, is located in nanjing LiShui OuDeKong home village service center for the people, made up by four prefabricated building, using solar photovoltaic (pv), light steel structure of precast technology,A number of green building technologies, such as distributed ecological sewage treatment technology, have achieved a comprehensive energy saving rate of 93.26%. In the process of promoting the high-quality development of green buildings, Jiangsu has implanted the concept of sponge city construction into it, and cultivated a number of provincial sponge demonstration projects by coordinating “blue”, “green” and “gray” infrastructure construction.Zhenjiang national first batch of sponge pilot city, through the ecological water system construction, the eight core lake, lake park and tied together through the rain garden, ecological planting with drains, wetlands and green processing method reduce rainstorm runoff by more than 80%, and significantly improve the water quality of surface water, as the first pilot city, sponge in jiangsu provinceKunshan took the lead in promoting sponge city construction to the whole city.Source: Wsu Net editor: Sun Yan Review: Zhang Xiang