Is guiyang electronic vocational school public school

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Is.1. Guiyang Electronic Vocational School is a secondary vocational school officially established in 1993 with the approval of Guiyang Municipal People’s Government on the basis of the education and Training Center of Guizhou TV Factory workers. In 2017, the school moved to Jinhua Town of Guanshan Lake and took over guizhou Lindong Mining Group Technical School.2. Privately-run schools refer to the schools or other educational institutions legally established for the society by social organizations or individuals other than state institutions with non-state financial funds.Privately-run schools include privately-run schools and educational institutions providing education for academic qualifications, pre-school education, self-study examination aid and other cultural education, as well as privately-run schools and educational institutions providing vocational qualification training and vocational skill training with the focus on vocational skills.There are many majors in vocational schools.Major includes: preschool teacher, planting, breeding, mechanical and electrical, electronic electrician, auto repair, computer, architecture, tourism, medical, accounting, secretary, business, English, music, fine arts, clothing, clothing art, performance, cooking, film and television production, building, printing, animation and so on.