Bian Jiao: “Please let me go…It hurts. “He chained her feet.” Don’t leave me!”

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Everybody is good, as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo, thank you for your support and encouragement!Today to everyone recommended: disease Jiao: “please put me…It hurts. “He chained her feet.” Don’t leave me!”The first book: “Mad Wife attack: Sick Jiao president Routines deep” author: Xiangchen Introduction: Sick Jiao: “Please let me go…It hurts. “He chained her feet.” Don’t leave me!”I thought instead of marrying a sick ghost cripple, after marriage must be her day he.”Who knows,” said the sickly tabby, turning over to crush her, and the evil spirit hooked his lips. “Say, who is the sky and who is the earth?”Yan Xin mo anger extremely roar, “you play depend on, I refuse to accept!””Disobey?”The man smiled and pressed down, “Then try, how do you just take!”Pit guide: I saw Yan Xinmo was gu Ziyi tightly embrace in the arms, the two people’s face is particularly close, good-looking lips dense water light, each other around the body also floating ambiguous atmosphere.One glance reminded everyone of how intimate the couple had been during the lights out.Seeing Gu Ziyi not only looking as usual, but also in a mood to flirt with Yan Xinmo, Gu Zichen was livid with anger and wished he could rush forward now and separate the two men and women who were holding each other together.”My cousin and sister-in-law are too anxious to cuddle and hug in public, not afraid of being laughed at?”Gu Zichen opened his mouth to make fun of it, but there was a bit of gnashing teeth in his tone.”We love each other every day, my cousin can’t help it.”Determine the side of gu Ziyi mood is stable, Yan Xinmo put down the heart.Hook up good-looking corners of the mouth, with gu Zichen.”That has no, the cousin’s wife happy good!”Seeing them two people hug together in parallel, without the slightest intention to separate, Gu Zichen’s heart is full of irritability, but due to so many people in, not a direct attack.Gu Zi yi narrowed her beautiful eyes and looked at the little woman on her side from this Angle, a vague emotion flickering in her eyes, as if she were still rethinking her unfulfilled kiss in the darkness.At this moment, the soothing music rang out in the hall, and the crowd who had been watching saw that nothing special had happened and began to socialize with each other again.Things gradually returned to calm, and Gu Ziyi walked slowly in the hall, holding the woman in her arms. Occasionally she met a familiar partner and exchanged a few words.(click the following link to read the novel) the 2nd: “sweet bud wife: disease jiao husband is spoiled into bone” author: Jiang yi punish introduce: he is the magic spirit blue bar that everybody is afraid of mysterious big boss, she is just careful to enter his territory, be caught, how follow from now on with this mystery little advocate still pestle not clear?Super handsome substitute big guy is always a pair of abstinence, but in the face of her, but like a Wolf, turned around and wanted to run, the next second was a strong wall dong men!Someone afraid of the rustle shiver: “big guy, beg to pass!”Pit guide: “You…”‘Can let go’ the words just out of his throat, shoulder light, see the other party has stopped.”Come on.”Cangye restore the appearance of indifference, dark deep ice eyes looked at her, as if for just things have not happened.Shen Yi an meng force and a little angry, what is this?Play her?’Go on yourself!”Huh?”Caino puzzled.Shen Yi ‘an felt that his temper today is really too good, this guy a pair of how you look, as if their unreasonable!”I’ll have something to put off the fire!”Then he left.Looking at the people leaving quickly, caino eyes smile more and more obvious…….An hour later – “Sleepy…Don’t want to stay.”Xiao Nianran had no interest in lying on the table playing with a small grape, eyes are almost open, that time to a cup of hot water, the night medicine to eat, now sleepy is strong, but for the ear noise and foot pain, she would have fallen asleep.”Then go back.”Shen Yi ‘an do not know when to appear in the side, to see her really sleepy, opening the proposal.Look around, some unexpected, according to the previous this time, there have been many students feel bored to go, how now this point or so many people.”Yue Yue, you come at the right time, I tell you, I was in the toilet at that time…”Luo Han saw her come, put down the game in the hands, and began to ridicule.Xiao Niran couldn’t help but roll his eyes in his heart, the guy came back and always told her this thing, finally attracted by the game in the past, which know Shen Yi ‘an came again.(click the following link to read novels) the third: “flash marriage into a pet: paranoid husband is too fierce” author: Blue words introduction: Ye Zihan dream did not think of, his fiance will be with his sister to give her to other men, and not a, but a group of.When she woke up, she was still naked in the street…She did not think of more is, a certain “mental derangement” see her every time to say by her next medicine, want her to must be responsible for him……Pei Chu nan: “you slept me, be responsible for me!”Ye Zi han: “the outside world rumor you not like a man yao?”Into the pit guide: Pei Chunan’s expression lu man completely can’t see through, also don’t know he really believe his own a bit, just feel that the man looked at her eyes than before have much temperature, obediently lower his head, pretend to be meek and clever.Pei Chunan is really looking at Lu Man, but it is to refrain from nausea.From the secular view, admittedly, this woman to face face, figure figure, or the goddess level in the eyes of others, how many people fall at her feet, but Pei Chunan is not to raise any interest, also do not understand pei Qifan once why also like this woman.He had scanned her whole body with his keen eye and had even judged her smell with his nose. The little thing lying outside was so much tastier than she was. What made the woman think he would touch her if he hadn’t drugged her?This is out of the question!And a grave insult to his learning and upbringing as a thirty-year-old virgin!He was about to say something when he smelled something sweet and looked past the woman to the door.Outside, Ye Zihan tilted his head will lie on the ground pei Qifan looked and looked.”That, you are listening to the corner?”This voice unexpectedly rang out behind, be guilty pei Qifan is like to be stepped on the tail of the cat, suddenly jumped up, see is Ye Zihan, wipe a old sweat, hurriedly carry people to the side: “hiss, small voice point!”(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.Past period wonderful content review: Disease Jiao article: he paranoid Yin ruthless, but only to her careful, crazy restraint of his possessive “absolutely love black emperor’s invisible bride” she accidentally hit black little, everyone meng, he a face spoil: baby ~ “flash marriage into love” after she got the certificate just know he is a commander, he secretly smile: lovely, military marriage away from!She stared at the bankrupt villain and began to tremble: Can I support you?”Lucky Wife in five zero” she returned to 50 down and out educated youth, hands holding power, married to the rural army commander