Beijing Olympic Torch relay begins!First leg, longjiang people

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Today (February 2) at 9:00 am in the Beijing Olympic Forest Park Beijing Winter Olympic Games torch relay launch ceremony held the Orson point torch relay theme is “the central axis of the charm” is the ancient capital history and culture and Olympic spirit on the central axis of the intersection ceremony after the torch relay officially started!Luo Zhihuan, China’s first speed skating world champion, is the first torchbearer of the relay.Carnegie-give @ Beijing news broadcasting haun is China’s first winter sports world champion was born in 1941 in heilongjiang province prosperous tieli lies people “flying” a dagger at the moment when the torch he finally round his 80 – year – old games dream carnegie-give haun in nagano, Japan in 1963 in 2 minutes, 09 seconds 20 good result win 57 world championships men’s 1500 m speed skating champion and breakWorld record second torchbearer Jing Haipeng dreams of astronauts participating in ice and snow sports in space. “Participating in the torch relay is a dream come true!”Jing haipeng said the torch represents all the astronauts in space brigade the absolute loyalty to the motherland and the space of infinite love of the motherland on December 26, 2021 Beijing Olympic countdown 40 days “led three hundred million people participate in ice and snow sports” demonstration activities in shijingshan games community jing haipeng was awarded the title of “ice and snow sports promotion ambassador” jing haipeng said hope ice and snowDynamic equipment in the future will be to let the astronaut in space involved in the snow and ice movement in space is the dream of his third torchbearer leaf’s space industry to move forward, like the torch relay leaf this year is 77 years old still pursues his holding the torch aloft face is permeated with proud smile from resource no.2 to chang e series engineering from “chang e” to “dream” Mars leaf for meOn the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he was awarded the medal of “People’s Scientist”.Yao Ming luo Zhihuan and Jing Haipeng handed over the Olympic Forest Park, and the public welcomed the torch relay team with a quick view of the “flying” route