Why do cats always follow their owners when they are not allowed to be picked up?Here’s the truth

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Concern, health science pet original articles, do not plagiarize.Why do cats that have been kept for several years always follow their owners instead of letting them hold them?In fact, there is a reason, a look at the truth!Master does not embrace, make it feel uncomfortable how many owners actually also won’t have cats, if poor posture, so will certainly make your cat feel uncomfortable, so it’s time can’t more than 1 minute, the time will struggle, so there will be not to embrace, but will always follow you, it’s not don’t like you, but you are holding the uncomfortable!Don’t like to be controlled, like comfortable actually cats do not like to be controlled, when master holding it will limit its freedom, unable to move the cat, would have been struggling, but their owners put it down, it is just like a follower, have been glued to the host, it is actually want to feel comfortable with you, don’t like obsessive it!Like you, but for all the cat like a person, is a matter of distance, so it is not like to be you hug, but will have to contact with you, and this contact is initiative, rather than forcing, if you don’t want to cats lose interest in you, so don’t be forced to interact with it, this will let the cat hated, will naturally do not like you!Trust to you is not enough, still need to observe cats if the master is not enough trust, then it will often follow the master, it is to do so is to want to observe whether the host is worthy of trust, so will appear do not like to be held, but it will always follow the master, in order to get the trust of the cats, might as well do it more interactive, and give it some cat snacks reward,This also promotes trust!Afraid of being pulled to the victim in fact many cats are very afraid of your nails, taking a bath, these things, every time to do these things, the host will embrace them, so in the eyes of a cat owner hold it may be to pull it to the victim oh, this cat will struggle, so will appear do not like to be master, but will always follow the master, as long as don’t hold it,Make it as warm as you want!Conclusion: which cat is your situation?