Wake up shenzhen people out of an early door were blocked at the door, can not enter the door

2022-05-23 0 By

I believe that whether or not people in Shenzhen are looking forward to the epidemic to go quickly and quickly, and now it seems that everywhere is popping up again, especially in recent weeks, Shenzhen was once a key city of national concern, in addition to local cases and Hong Kong entry, and Hong Kong…After a series of daily screenings throughout the city, the number of cases in Shenzhen dropped in recent days to 48 hours of nucleic acid certification.We were full of hope to calm down, unexpectedly, woke up in the district public notice to stop eating, large activities are requested to suspend business.Therefore, today’s new requirements, all places in Shenzhen immediately implement.As a result, out of the community into the community, to the company into the company building.When is the head of the epidemic ah [tears] loose a little bit of heart and tight, many industries, many people’s work should be affected by the bar hope to pass by to see my sincere code word point praise oh!I will continue to share a little insight in life or some of my own “methodology” for your reference, welcome to continue to pay attention to oh!If you want to grow more dry goods and listen to my story, welcome to follow my namesake public account.